Where to start with Chun-Li?

New to the forums and this game. The only other fighting game I’m well versed in is not a 2D fighter at all. So i’m starting from scratch here. Where do people suggest I start learning how to play this character? Start with the basics or just jump right into using combos and learning technical stuff? What should I practice? Any advice would be cool. Thanks guys.

You can start watching videos in youtube :slight_smile:
Search fights from Nuki, amir, wong… etc

and if u dont know how to do any moviment you can ask here!

practice timeing your god move ( back firece) and practice supering off it

Sweet, thanks for the names to search on YouTube…I’ve watched a few but I’m just reading over game faq’s list of moves for her haha…this is a slow but fun process :slight_smile:

Learn C.MK xxx super

its too good

The only combos Chun has that are worth anything are just cancels and links into super (mainly c.mk > sa2, b+fp > sa2, cl.rh > sa2), so learn those. You should also learn her kara throw, and thats really all there is to it. Then just play a shit load.