Where to start?

I’ve never played any of the KoF games before, but this game looked really interesting so I decided to buy it today. If all goes well I think I’m going to try to make this my 2nd with UMvC3 as my first because like I said it seems cool and I dunno something about it is just attracting me to it. I’ve been reading the guide here on srk and I’m attempting the trials, but is there anything I should check out/get to know about this game? Because at this point I know NOTHING about this game or the community (top players I should watch replays of, who the “standard”-ish characters are, etc). Just any basic info about this game to a total outsider would be helpful haha.

Also I didn’t see a matchmaking thread here but my xbl is illinfoakillin. If anybody wants to help teach a bit that would be super cool!

If you hadn’t already seen on the SRK Wiki, there’s the KOF series tutorial made by DandyJ that really covers the fundamentals of the game. Other than that and the additional resources at the bottom of the SRK KOF XIII Hyperguide, that’s about it.

When I first started learning fighting games properly and KOF 98, the only resources I had were Maj’s Footsie Notebook, Domination 101 articles, DandyJ’s KOF Tutorial, and Sirlin’s ST Tutorial. That’s all I ever needed to get decent and become really knowledgeable about the game…

Thanks, I totally missed the DandyJ video!