Where to start?

I got umvc3 recently. I was beating my friends so I thought i was pretty decent and decided to try out the online matches. I was very very wrong. I was smashed match after match after match and have a pretty steady 100+ loss streak. After this I went online to find info about the game and get better at it. The problem is there is so much stuff to learn I don’t know where to start. How do I get better at this game and where do i start?

I use Zero and Dante because i love Megaman and dmc. I put zero first and dante last with a filler character in the middle.

Those are too execution heavy characters, but luckily they go well with each other, you like DMC right? Well zero, Dante, Vergil is one of the best teams in this game. I think I just watched Flux get a quad perfect on Vex, but yeah look in the character sub forums and start practicing combos! Research and lab time.

If you are on PS3 add me! I’m a begginner as well we all have the Internet, no reason for us not to take advantage. Good luck.

Keep Dante second and choose an anchor from the following


You got a great shell going (zero/dante) so that’s a good start.

Now you have to learn the basics of your point character like his movement options, go to normals and special/super moves, and probably most important of all Zero buster charging. Also learning how to use Dante Jam Session and knowing when to call assists is important as well. I would save his BnBs (bread and butters, go to combos) for last, which there is lots of information about.

After that it’s to your next character.

Also learning match-up specific do’s and don’ts is valuable as well but you don’t learn that stuff till you start playing lots.

Sorry Chukz im on xbox

I tried all the anchors and so far i like hawkeye and vergil.

One thing with mobility is when my oppenent tends to stay in the air I tend to a have trouble fighting in the air. Also I have problems approaching my enemy. I usually approach with fH but they block then I try cM then they never fail to jump and punish me.

Use Raikousen H to tell them to gtfo of the air

Jump H is your friend when using zero, lightning into buster also helps you control space in the air, and of course Dante Jam Session assist. Buster can clear the way for you to approach with run or command dash, using you assists to lock down will help as well.

thanks guys after learning to maneuver my characters a bit better I have actually been able to hit my opponents, but im not able to seal the deal after that because I dont know or cant execute my characters combos well enough. What is the best way to learn and perfect bnbs and other combos? just repeating them over and over in training?

Over and over again in training mode. I practiced Nova’s basic bnb for an entire month before I got it down fully. I can even do it on my new arcade stick as well, just have to out effort into trains g mode and results will follow.

I would recommend going to “Marvel 101: The UMVC3 Basics Thread”