Where to start?



Ok, so i’m looking to pick up dan as an alternate, so I have a lot of questions.

What is his overall play style? Does it vary depending on matchup?
What are his BnB combos?
What are his block strings? Pokes? Anti airs?
What should I jump in with? Cross up with?
Should I use meter for EX and FADC or super?
And most importantly, how do i work taunts into my game?

Sorry if I sound demanding. I hope we can use this thread to help other Dan beginner’s in the future and spread the glory of Saikyo!


Playstyle? Taunt, try to get close, knockdown, wake up shenanigans with the LK Danku. It’s VERY matchup dependant, though most of it revolves around different forms of Danku pressure and careful Gadouken zoning.

Check the combo thread for BnBs and blockstrings. Punish combo is cr.HP > HK Danku. My most used blockstring is cr.lp > cr.lp > cr.lp > s.lk

Meter is better spent on EX Danku approaches to close that final gap between you and a character, or to quickly break through a focus. If you find you don’t need it, you can always use it to combo cr.mk > Gadouken > Legendary Taunt > Shissho Buraiken.

If you find you REALLY don’t need it, and you have a substantial upper hand over the opponent, get them down to 1/6th or 1/7th of their lifebar then Focus Crumple > HP > Gadouken > Legendary Taunt Ftw.


What is his overall play style? Does it vary depending on matchup?
it varies from character to character. Some things essential in all matchups:
dashing, mixups, focus. variety is the spice of life, dan has plenty of tools to be unpredictable, I can play a whole match and never approach the same situation the same way twice.

just some examples of some of dans mix ups:

(my personal favorite) the mk danku cross up. when you score a knockdown they cant quickstand from. cross up with an mk danku. your opponent should be up just as your animation finishes, and 9 times out of 10 they try to exploit your apparent vulnerability (but you arent). I try not to koryu, unless I have ex to fadc, but sometimes i will, I generally mixup throws and koryu’s, or try and sneak in an mp >hk danku.

dash back after a block string, attack, then come right back at them with an ex danku.

Not really a mix up, but dan is designed for those players that thrive on ultraing jumpins. like seth or bison, sagat etc. they most likely fire it off at the arc of your jump. simply mash a danku motion and you will go right over it.

theres plenty of character specific stuff I can go into. i.e. characters with weak wake up games, you can pretty much relentlessly drop the knee of justice on them at will. GOuken is of particular weakness to this, ex tatsu/ultra/super, is really his only escape, since the danku breaks the armor of his gay ass 3s counter. Its getting through goukens hadokens thats the challenge.

Or on fuerte, is another you can knee of justice to no end. or hk danku, its even safe when his got an ultra primed, danku goes right under it.

In my personal opinion (some argue its blanka, ive oddly been having success vs him lately) Zangief is Dans worst match up. Back in the noob days he was easy when all giefs knew how to do was lariat (air lk danku, stomps that shit).

heres the deal, dan isnt fast, dan isnt long range. So you have a character that isnt particularly quick, doesnt have any long range pressure, that has to get up close and personal to do damage to monstrosity of health and power, whose forte is command throws in close.

You literally have to hit and run like nobodies business, and getting knocked down once by gief can mean the round with the guessing game that ensues after the knock down. when you get a health lead, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY MAKE HIM COME TO YOU, who gives a shit if you waste 40 seconds waiting for him, do it. They want you to come to them.

I had a gief the other day who nearly ko’ed me and all he hit me with was a trade damage lariat/srk, a clean lariat and an ultra. 2 hits and a fucking ultra almost won the round for him.

Maybe blanka is tougher, but those matches are far less tedious and annoying. i.e. you dont have to play blanka mistake free to win, against gief you practically have to be flawless.

Im just rambling on now, ill stop.

What are his BnB combos?
dan really only has one worth while combo (s.mp/s.HP/Cr.HP >HK Danku) there are variations of this with different levels of danku.
Thats the best damage you can get out of dan without incorporating an fadc in the mix.

What are his block strings? Pokes? Anti airs?
anything involving light attacks (lol, dan really doesnt have any links) s.mk isnt a bad poke, or cr. mk sometimes mp of course gadoken. koryu for aa, maybe cr. hp in some situations and of course, master focusing jumpins.

What should I jump in with? Cross up with?
mk, I heard tell in the corner, his HK crosses up, I havent tested it yet myself but that opens up the ability to ultra off a cross up in the corner.
**Should I use meter for EX and FADC or super? **
EX and FADC, unless you want to do the legendary taunt.
And most importantly, how do i work taunts into my game?
just try to find those opportune times, to use them risk free, or use them to bait opponents to attack, taunt 9 is good for this you can cancel out of it quickly.

add some info on his ultra here.

you can ultra jump ins, but the timing is strict.
dan has 2 “anywhere” links to ultra (not counting a simple FA crumble to ultra or jump in hk/hp as those are universal to everyone)

  1. Ex gadoken (from the proper distance, which kills being able to combo into it) > Ultra. its useless, believe me.
  2. insert attack here >legendary taunt > ultra. viable, but you use your whole goddamn meter.

id kill for his ultra to land on juggled opponents.

in the corner you can (anything that can combo into gadoken) >ex gadoken>fa cancel (not dash cancel, just cancel into an fa, and release upon the l2 flash)>crumble>ultra.

One more note, with the super because of the lazy input, you might want to burn an ex bar if you are getting full (i know it sounds odd), but dan is horribly vulnerable if you accidentally execute his super. Dans super is terrible. if it had a vacuum effect it would be great. the only time its safe to combo into it off anything, is in the corner, since you can juggle them. comboing it of a koryu, is no good, you hit em once and they get knocked out. you have to be close, if you are kind of far they can get pushed out of its range after a few hits.


Wow, thanks, lots of good info.


Crouching mk to Gado as a mid distance to Balrog and Blanka on their wakeup. That helped me out a ton.

Really play around with lk air Danku to determine the timing against different characters and their moves. I’m still learning that but I think it is key.


Another good one I picked up from Hibiki-san is c.LK xx EX Dankuu :slight_smile:

I like the Dan Knee cross-up as well but problems arise when it randomly doesn’t cross-up :frowning: might be character specific x_x;;


I’d like to note that if the initial post was anywhere else on SRK, you’d have gotten your bawls chewed off telling you to search or read the combo/matchup threads. I’m happy to see these responses! I like the Dan group, we’re much more laid back.

With Dan, I’ve found patience is key for me. Also, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, :lp:, :lk: is a pressure/poke string I use. Welcome to Saikyo!


I’m not sure but Dan might be the only character able to chain 5 light attacks together (character specific). c.LP x2 xx s.LP x2 xx s.LK is what I use for that :slight_smile:


Once you start winning with Dan, you will not play another character. Nothing is as rewarding as winning with Dan.

Listen to tsd, Krackatoa, and Sugami for serious Dan tips.


Frankly, tsd wins the thread, as that’s a pretty complete sum up of Dan.


I watched some Hibiki-San videos and I’m getting his general play style. A lot of running grabs, random EX Danku, Koryuken FADC. He uses this string not sure what it is he cancels a crouching normal to light Danku. Lots of wake-up mix ups. Grabs, standing Dankus (they crossup?), cross up combo I’m not sure about looks like j.MK-cr.LK-Danku? Empty jump throw. Am I right or just awfully wrong.


you can crossup danku on a lot of characters but the timing is tight.

it’s mostly useful because of how many reversals it straight up beats or, in the case of EX versions, goes over.

also i like crossup, st.mp hit confirm or crossup, c.lk tick throw/ex danku

:tup: for your choice in secondary. i’d say you won’t regret it but the first time you fight a gief you’d know i’m bullshitting you. <3 best of luck.


My Fuerte and Sim just can’t compete with you! Well I did get like one round out of 20 with sim. Lol. Maybe my dan can have better luck.

Funny, all my characters seem to have bad matchups with gief.


the matchup thread in the dan forum here is a joke. theres no info whatsoever in the main post, so a user will literally have to navigate the entire thread. Id create a new one myself but im too lazy, I personally dont mind helping people out piecemeal as they post.


Well, I think dan is actually a good beginner character. as far as execution is concerned he is one of the simpler characters to play. You should be able to get basic dan execution down pretty quickly, just honing your mixups and finer game points that take time, like always punish with HP/cr.HP >hk danku if you have the time and space. when trying to slip a danku combo in I use mp(comes out much quicker), if its guaranteed HP.

it does like 280 or 90 damage I havent analyzed it in training lately so I forgot), its very simple to execute and pretty brutal. You will start doing it so much its automatic.


Close MP xx HK Dankuu does 215 damage and 300 stun. Close HP xx HK Dankuu does 245 damage and 400 stun, and cr.HP xx HK Dankuu does 250 damage and 400 stun. :stuck_out_tongue:


c.HP does 5 more damage than s.HP? Thought I tested that and they were the same… oh well heh ^^;;

What’s annoying is normal xx HK Dankuu not comboing on some crouching characters. For some s.MP might combo, some s.HP might and others none might but could just be down to a bit of bad luck with spacing. Something that I should probably test further x_x;;


Take note that his EX Koryu and Danku do less damage (I think 1% less damage) than his HP and HK versions, so don’t use them in combos. I tend to use the EX moves to snuff various advances from my opponents.


c.MK xx EX Dankuu is good for combos if you’re not close enough/can’t combo for/with s.MP/s.HP/c.HP. Shouldn’t be using Kouryukens in combos regardless, there’s always a better option. Unless in a FADC combo, I use c.MK xx Gadouken xx FADC > Kouryuken because the Kouryuken never misses whereas a s.MP often doesn’t come out or turns into a c.MP and bones up the HK Dankuu :frowning:


yeah you can do a s.HP >hk danku off that as well, the timing on the punch after the fadc is wierd because if you mash mp/hp you will often screw up the combo, you have to time it for when you are first able to, then it will combo I can do it about 90% of the time in training, its 50/50 online so I dont use it often.

Iny matches with Majin (Dont see him around here anymore he was pretty darn good) he would c.mk >gado >fadc > mp >gado >fadc > mp >hk danku.