Where to talk about "Mind Games"?

My mind games are about as complicated as the inside of a paper bag. I don’t really have a scene to get involved with so my next option is SRK.

Where do I post to talk about specific footsie stuff.

Which character do you use? When you say mind games though, I know is a term used by smash players pretty broadly but, are you looking for mix ups or just the footsies that you spoke about?

Usually it’s best to talk about such things in specific contexts, at least in my experience. They vary from game to game for sure.

Footsies in my opinion is just a collection of little tricks. The bigger the bag of tricks, the better. Knowing what beats what, exactly how far to walk up to throw, timing to catch crouch tech, mastering the fireball trap, etcetera. Some tricks are just retardedly good (chun cr.mk in 3s, Zangief walk up SPD in AE, Chipp teleport frc ‘were you blocking crossup already’ j.d, etcetera.

Where do you live? Are you sure you don’t have a scene?

Obviously knowing what your opponent is going to do is an essential fighting game skill and if you can predict what they’re going to do, bait it safely, and punish it hard, you basically have already won.

I play Ryu

I suppose a specific situation at the top of my head would be the stalemate at mid screen.
Where there aren’t any projectiles on the screen and no one is rushing down, you’re just “feeling each other out”.
I want to know what kind of strategy to use there, I often just jump the gun and try a hadouken
if I’m close enough it will catch the other person off guard. Of course if I’m too far its just asking them to jump in.

I can think of more and i suppose I should get footage of this happening.

That would be the ideal range where you begin to mix up light attacks, cr.mk, and cr.RH to land the untech knockdown. This is where it really becomes important to analyze your opponent, because you’ll start to get a feel for what their natural tendencies are in that specific position. Maybe they like to play conservative, and they like to back up to create more space? Maybe their character excels at that position, and they’ll begin their close-up offensive pressure. Or they might start to get jumpy, to catch you off guard. You can test for these things through your own attacks. If you tend to throw fireballs at a position where you can’t jump on reaction, then you’re training them that you’ll always do that. They might start to do focus attacks to get through your attack, or start jumping preemptively as a guess. If you like to do cr.mk xx fireballs, they also might start doing focus dashes through your fireball, since it’s not a true blockstring. You could start throwing out light attacks to see how willing they are to counter, or you could throw out cr.RH to land a knockdown, and see how they react to that. Think of it as mentally conditioning to react in certain ways. And when they become predictable on how they’ll act, then you’ll have a better idea of what they’re going to do, so that you can counter it appropriately.

Walk forwards and hit cr.mk a couple times. If they are walking backwards, throw fireballs or just keep walking forwards.

Walking forwards makes it easier to anti-air jumps too. Often they can be at a ‘safe’ range to jump and then you walk forwards and uppercut them anyway.

Ryu’s s.hk is a useful max range AA as well. cr.mk is also useful because you’re likely to avoid their attack and if they empty jump you’re safe and they’re forced to block cr.mk xx hadouken anyway.

Ryu’s j.hk has great horizontal range and jumping in on some characters at some ranges is an easy way to get screen control, meter, and pressure. There are some ranges where characters like Sakura or even another Ryu just have a hard time dealing with the jump since if you empty jump your hitbox is smaller too so their anti-air will likely whiff.

Walking back and forth, whiffing stand jab is a great alternative to being more aggressive if you want to play a reactive game.

The best place to talk about mind games is inside of my head!

:shy: Shhh, now I’m thinking about them with myself.