Where? - UK 3rd strike machines

Anyone have info as to where i can play 3rd strike aside from Trocedero (picadilly) or Vegas (angel)?

Theyre the only 2 places i know. The reason i dont like to go Trocedero is parking is expensive. And not many people know that Vegas in angel has 3rd strike so i never see high level players there.

Casino arcade, it`s located right next to goodge st tube station on the northen line.

Wow I didnt even notice this part of the forums… how long has this part been up for?

Yeah Pedram Casino particularly on a friday night is the best time for 3rd strike challenges, its on tottenham court road (just after the off road goodge st, going towards ring road to park lane) and if your worried about parking then theres no problem because its a single yellow line outside Casino, I would advise you to park on the other side of the road though because the casino side is a bus lane so its a bit awkward for buses. Its free to park there after 6.30pm monday-saturday, and free all day on sunday. And its only around 7pm that the comp actually really starts to arrive so theres no point getting there earlier anyway.

i have never been there be4… i always just go to the Trocedero… but its not the same as it used to be. you can get some high level players there but thres only a few.

what other games (worth playing) do they have at casino

hi guys - im from sheffield and looking to play against new players - any palyers up north? also might be tempted to travel if there is a decent scene anywhere?

hidden-Koncept: Yeah I agree trocadero deifnately isnt the same anymore but its probably better than casino for 3s comp on any day apart from friday. Friday evenings (and sometimes saturday and sundays too) is the main time to go casino for the best 3s comp in London and probably the UK. But to be honest the 3s scene isnt really booming as much as it was around this time last year.

Casino also has many other fighters such as kof, alpha 3, hyper street fighter, tekken 5 dr, vf4evo etc.

skd1337: Hi there mate its nice to see the enthusiasm for 3s, but I saw your matches on another thread and tbh before you think about coming down to London I would advise you get your basics down before anything else. Its tough to start off playing this game especially if you dont live in London so before coming down I would suggest something like viewing videos of intermidiate and high level 3s whether it be on youtube or downloadable vids or whatever because you dont really wanna come to London arcades until you understand the game a little bit more otherwise you probably wont really learn from your mistakes.

You will also find a lot of players posting on websites such as rankingbattles.co.uk and neoempire.com, but only actually a small majority I find can actually play the game to what I would call a semi-high level, most of the high level play you will notice will be from arcade players who dont really post on forums and stuff, so dont feel intimidated at all to ask questions on websites at first because you will find right about now there are a lot of players who are relatively new to the game as well who probably have similar questions in mind. Also given the fact that you live in a place with hardly any 3s comp another feasible option to up your game just a tad at least would be to play on x-box live I guess. Good luck!