Where US players better than JPN in the other XVSF, MVSF & MVC

as I know Americans are better than JPN in MVC2 but I just saw a gamest vid which shows how to play X-men vs SF and its about 90 mins long from Japan

And these JPN players are real good in the vid and it makes me wonder.

I enjoyed XVSF and MVSF as there were no tag in peeps , so it was one on one and no homies jumping in to out number the odds.


they probably are better, which is why i typically throw the “MvC2 isn’t popular in Japan because of American comics arne’t popular there” theory out the window.

well i think xsf is really irrelevant. no matter how good you are, you can always lose to a guy that can get luck with a low short and then go into 938658737835 different super easy infinites.

i played bas at evo 2k3, while good, it really wasnt any different from us play. but i like their style better since they dont go for the uber easy infinite, they go for the flash and tough combos, which is really the only thing that keeps me entertained in that game…

Japanese only seem to lose in pathetically broken games. The only other game US can beat japan in is mugen.

According to Apoc, Americans were better than the Japanese in WW through HF, and according to Omni, Americans were better at SFA2.

americans bought into the sf phenomenon more than the japanese back in ww-hf days. player base was enormous and such.

and yeah we were better at a2 for the same reason why we are better at japan in mvc2, they dont like a2, they did their one national for it, and that was it pretty much it for a2 life span, IIRC. maybe omni can correct me if im misinformed.

i think its funny how no matter what game it is, someone has an excuse for the japanese.

i believe that its a fact that the best area is determined by how much comp there is access to on a regular basis. we played a2 alot in the us. japanese didnt. we obviously played mvc2 way more, japanese didnt. we played sf2:ww-hf a lot more than the japanese. there really isnt any proof to support otherwise. even so. theres also no proof if we were truly better than the japanese even in those games for the fact there really was no international play back then to really show who was better than who. so its basically just pure speculation


Well I can tell you this - During that era I lived in Japan and I had never seen a game take off like the SF2s. In almost every arcade I would frequent there would be a whole floor dedicated to one of the current SF2s. It was unreal, and it was packed all the time. You couldn’t walk down the street without passing by a small mom and pop store that didn’t have one of the SF2s and/or those multiplay famicom sitdown cabs. So I can’t speak for America at that time, but it was extremely popular over here. It’s funny because I left here around the time of SSF2 and SSF2X so I don’t know exactly how it was over in America for the first CPS1 games.

owned? sounds like alot of people assume japanese dont practice some games and thats the only reason they think they lose. I’m glad refuted some of the bullshit statements in this thread.

Here comes Graham to vent in another Japan thread. What a shock.

I’m not seeing the bullshit statements. The general concensus is that if a country plays / practices a game more than another, they will most likely be better.

That’s pretty much true for ANY GAME. What’s your point? That there are people jocking the Japanese? Thanks Captain Obvious.

then you arent reading whats being said, someone who lived in japan when the game came out said it was very popular, which is the same as the US. the bullshit being someone claims the japanese didnt play sf2 that much, which is an outrageous claim.

as for me venting in another japanese thread? what am i venting? you make absolutely no sense. typical flame post though, nothing to contribute except some half-ass attempt to insult me.

Who was better in WW-HF? Who the hell knows? I would love to see anyone back up those claims for either side.

The way you determine who is better in competitive games is to compete, and in the WW-HF era that didn’t really happen. It’s silly to make a claim one way or the other.

hehe thats like the question who woulda won ali or tyson?

like i said. its all pure speculation. i was told by very reliable sources that ww-hf was much more popular in the US. could the sources be wrong? of course, does that mean it meant sf wasnt popular? by all means no.

it has nothing to do with making excuses for japanese or what ever silly thoughts. i wanna see the japanese fall to us in fighters by all means. so dont get it twisted.

this whole argument is moot point regardless. cuz really, who knows who would have been better back then?

Most countries had top level players throughout the SF2 WW-HF days… the amount of CE machines they had around at that time in Sydney was ridiculous with the main arcade in the city having a whole level full with 25-30 CE cabinets packed out all the time during those peak years.

Case in point, it would be hard to say who was better back in whatever era if those countries didn’t actually play. At least these days, it is a bit easier to tell as more players travel international to compete. Not 100% accurate but alot better than back in the day.

Well the main reason Japan is better than the states is hands down the amount of competition and how they stay in the playing field for a long time. If I’m not mistaken Chibita has been playing VF since he was 14. And Daigo has been rockin SF around a similar age. So they stay more active than america gamers. Cause the usual trend is people fall out of fighters around 20 or so. But I guess America is better in MVC2 due to the popularity of the game in the country. I can’t say for sure about X-men vs SF cause I saw some crazy match vids from japan a while back.

I heard that Americans dominated Japanese players @ Cvs2 when it first came out. But as soon as the japanese found out about roll cancell the japanese started to dominate us. I was told about this some time ago.

The first time we had a tournament with big japan and US players playing was EVO 2k2. Japanese players placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 5th. US’s top placings were Alex Valle and John Choi who both placed 7th.

The US never really played Japan without roll cancel… but I doubt the results would have changed. Ino placed 3rd after all with k-groove.

I believe Spider-Dan played either Liquid Metal or Bas at XvsSF. I think US won most of the games. I’m not sure though so perhaps someone else could confirm. It was casual though, but it’s the only thing that’s available.

Also, it’s tough to actually gauge the competition based on videos. I remember when the US thought Japan was a threat for MVC2 just based on their combos that they were doing in the videos… but it turned out to be an easy victory for the US.

About WW-HF I don’t really know who was better. I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet to say Japan but again, there isn’t any proof so I can’t say anything for sure.