Where would be a good place to start with 3D fighters?

Topic. For pretty much my entire life, my fighting game experience has revolved around 2D fighters except for some Soul Calibur 2 with my friends once in a while. A friend of mine suggested I start with Tekken 5 and Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution. Does this sound good? If not what should I start out with?

If you’ve never played 3D fighters seriously before, I suggest DOA and Soul Calibur before Tekken in order of ease of play, and VF4 after you have a general idea of how different 3D games flow from 2D games.

Soul Calibur 2 is a pretty good place to start. Soul Calibur (1) for the DC is a lot better. It has a better balanced fighting system and tighter controls.

I’ve never played DOA3, but I have played DOA2. And again, the DC version is the best due to tighter controls. But even its not as cool as the DC’s version of SC1.

I’ve never played Tekken 5 either. And I probably won’t ever play it either. I made the mistake of picking up Tekken 4 based on some claims that it was “better” than Tekken 3. Aside from some graphical flair, I didn’t see anything that made that game better. And I didn’t like Tekken 3 either. IMO, the entire series has the worse fighting system that I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like it encourages button mashing.

VF4? I’ve never played it either, but from what I understand, it’s strictly martial arts fighting. No fancy magical moves or hyper combos. I’ve played the Saturn original and that’s how those games played. It’s true to the names sake – Virtual Fighting.

If you have a good understanding of how game mechanics work, and learn and adapt fast, I see no problem with starting with Tekken 5 and Virtua Fighter 4 Evo.


I agree with SK. With Tekken, I dunno if you should buy it on PS2 since DR is supposed to come out soon. Especially if you wanna play Armor King or the other new characters.

or just grab TTT. might be outdated; but still fun to play.

Learn VF4, then you won’t complain that after learning DOA/SC2/Tekken that VF4 is hard.

VF4 Evo should be fine really, it has a really indepth tutorial that can even bring in people who are not familiar with 3D gaming and make them at least get the basic concept.

Why not just play whatever you like?

default would be tekken5.1/DR since that what u.s. peeps play (and will be playing)
playing VF4ft is useless here since theres no comp

i like ssbm

That is some good advice. I started playing 3d games when I played Tekken 5, you’ll have people to play and a better chance of seeing all the neat techniques for specific or general 3d games.

Doesn’t ssbm use a 2D fighting system?

Battle Arena Toshinden.

toshinden is sweet, but like soul blade its more of a 2.5 d fighter, dont really see them anymore such sadness

virtua fighter feels a lot more like work than soul calibur, doa, tekken etc,

tekken 4 is the worst in the series imo

Bloody Roar 3’s quite a quick game to get the hang of, it’s radical fun too. You could also try Primal Fury or Extreme, but I still like 3 the most. Don’t bother with 4, it’s a ruined title.

Battle Arena Toshinden had full 3D movement as well as 3D rolls. How was it 2.5 D? If that’s the case every 3D fighter is 2.5 with the exception of Ehrgeiz.

heh sorry its been a while, i must have been mistaken, so in recompense i shall now offer rival schools as my other 2.5 d game

just play whatever people around you play. tekken is really fun.

why play sc2 or some other dead game