Where would I get the cables for PS2 and GC?

I’m making my own stick for my PS3 using an MC Cthulhu. However, I have a PS2 and some games for it that I may someday wish to pop in again and play using the stick. Likewise, I may get into Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the Wii. So, I was wondering what I’d need to do/where I’d need to go to get the cables that would connect to the PS2 and Gamecube (wii). Is there a website?

Thanks in advance guys!

how about ebay?


PS2 extension cables are pretty easy to come by off ebay or gamestop. I had trouble finding gamecube extension cords but I was able to get some from hong kong through this site:

Took about 2 weeks, but for 9 bucks and free shipping I got 3 GC cords.

Yes, I’m serious? I apologize, Missing Person, I checked on Slagcoin and the sticky and couldn’t find the information I needed. This is my first stick, and I’m not even sure what I need.

I typed in ebay “PS2 controller cable” and then “PS2 USB cable” with no luck in what I need (unless I need a PS3 to PS2 converter). What I need is something that connects to the Cthulhu and to the PS2/Gamecube. I don’t know what this is, so if you’d be so kind as to actually guide me in the right direction, it’d certainly be more helpful than taking me as a joke and supplying a three word answer.

If anybody is willing to help me out, I’d definitely appreciate it! What is it that I’m looking for?

Thank you for the help, TheNefariousimp! I didn’t know what I needed was an extension cable. This being my first stick, I’m very appreciative that you actually helped as opposed to just scoffing at me. We’re all new users at one point…

Well, it’s not just an extension cable you need to play the PS2/GC on the MC Cthulhu. You’ll have to solder them into it.

Toodles has instructions here:

And there is an RJ45 modification here if you want just one cord coming out of your case:

But in the future, definitely try using the search function. There is a ton of info. I spent a month researching before I ever took the plunge and bought any parts, and if you are unfamiliar with electronics I highly recommend doing the same.

I am using a similar setup
There are couple of ways you can do this
DB9 Connector, RJ-45 or prolly USB
Basically you would solder wires going to the right connection points on the MC inside the stick and choose the interface coming out of it RJ-45, DB9 etc
And then you would have to make the cables yourself or you can use the trading outlet for someone to make them for you. I checked the website link posted earlier I didn’t see a pic…so no comment

My Setup
*SFIV TE Stick
*MC Cthulhu Board
In the Works Right Now
*RJ-45 Mod inside of Cable Compartment
*PS2 & Gamecube Ethernet Cables (SF3s & TvC)

It’s not because you are a new stick builder that got him mad. IT was the fact that you didn’t search enough. Even I know how to do this mod and get Multi-console support because I have searched around and found stuff about it, and I don’t even have a multi console stick

i went to eb games and got a used game cube controller cheap because it was busted. it kept registering UP…but that’s ok to me because I just needed the cable from it.