Where would Street Fighter be if Capcom pandered to just the hardcore?


There is a lot of whining here regarding changes made to the franchise to entice new blood. Lenient inputs, easier reversals, flashy comeback mechanics like Ultras etc.

Do you think the franchise would be in a better/worse/about the same situation if Capcom listened entirely to the hardcore and did not actively introduce these sort of features to assist newer players that people complain about?


worse shape cause they wouldnt of made a new game at all. All the “hardcore” ppl are a bunch of babys that complain about everything.


im pretty sure ssf4 wouldnt even be on the cards if sf4 wasnt as casual freindly as it is.


It seems to be a common trend amongst competitive communities that they usually don’t understand how to correlate prime competitive form of gaming and business. Some developers and publishers have learned from this and have incorporated elements into their games that allows the newer players to pick-up games and feel a sense of accomplishment and compete, such as the traits you listed. But, Capcom took the wise decision and made sure that the depth and other elements that allows better players to flourish were still in the games.

Understanding this fact is the main problem with the people who complain about these things, in my opinion.


they would have stopped making games after 3s.


Capcom would be broke


People that do complain about these features, are they willing to put up with the alternative such as a considerably smaller playerbase and at the extreme end of the scale, sequels to these games being threatened and possibly not seeing a release at all?


You would probably end up with a better game but less players.

Thing is now that they have drawn new players to SF they can make the next game a bit more hardcore, and newer players will still give it a shot.




yh exactly what you said .

now that so many people have been drawn in by capcom they should look to produce a game with more depth and difficulty , i mean playing ssf4 for a month is enough to go into tournaments especially if you play one of the top tier characters , thats the difficulty level of ssf4


Yeah … maybe they can add multi-level supers, Focus Counters, air blocking. Further revisions can and CC’s and -ism’s. It’ll be great, eventually everyone will be hardcore SF players! Street Fighter 6 will be super hardcore, but it’ll be OK because the series will have gradually built up to it!


sprites only, 7 ultras per character, ability to parry parries, 3s characters only, and a bunch of other stupid shit that only they want.


What’s interesting is it’s possible to cater to casual players but keep hardcore guys happy.

pretty sure if we had a guard bar, better frame data, smaller reversal windows casual players would still enjoy it. There are a lot of things we could do with current 4 to make it better but not cut out the casual fans. That being said hardcore guys while they may dislike 4, a lot of them play it and do really well at it. Also i don’t think any of them would complain at the community increase it’s given us.


It would be dead right now, because the hardcore wouldn’t know how to run a business.


7 ultras all available at the same time during matches :slight_smile:


Same graphics but an engine mixed of ST, HDR, and 3S. I think it would be a much better game but would possibly interest less people. SF has always been a huge franchise with drawing power, I think people would still buy it for its brand-name. I mean, all the newcomers gave the game a chance because of its retro rebirth, not because of the new engine. I doubt the newcomers knew the engine was “casual” until they actually played the game.


LOL! Maybe a shitty local tournament, play for a month and hit up Devastation, EVO or the like and you’ll go 2 and out and probably get perfected at least a round or 2. The game is a LOT deeper than kids like you give it credit for, the only thing that makes the game easier than older SFs is input leniency and the strictness of inputs does not dictate the amount of skill it takes to win a tournament. Zoning is probably more important in SF4 than any previous SF, and with FADC and 1 frame links in the picture it’s one of the most skillful yet, whether all of you who bitch about input leniency like it or not.

Please, tell me why older SFs are SOOOOO much harder than SF4 outside of input leniency and wider reversal windows? I mean fuck it’s not like it was hard to perform specials without input leniency in older SF games, it’s just easier now so the noobs who couldn’t actually stand a chance. The ability to perform specials doesn’t mean the people who couldn’t do them in older SFs that can now perform them are actually good at the game, they’re fucking terrible, and while reversal DPs will keep them from getting constantly perfected, that doesn’t mean they’re gonna be winning tourneys any time soon, or even getting out of pools.

And it’s funny that you’d mention “if you play a top tier character”. You seem to be forgetting that SSF4 is almost undisputedly the most balanced SF game made thus far. There are no OP characters in the entire game and although the bottom 10-15 characters need some buffs, probably 75% of those 10-15 characters are still viable they’re just slightly weaker than the rest of the cast. Outside the bottom 10-15, any character in the roster really stands a chance to win tournaments in the right hands.

I’m not even a massive SSF4 fan but when people say stupid shit like that without having a clue what they’re talking about I gotta stick up for the game.

All of this and make inputs stricter, not extremely strict but at least so DPs actually require the DP motion (at the very least fix input leniency to get rid of overlapping inputs) and you’ll make both the hardcore and casuals happy, and make a much better game (note: not much harder, although slightly, just a much BETTER game).



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More accurately they wouldn’t support a business catering to them. Not with sufficient funds anyway, unless they’re willing to buy the games at Neo Geo cartridge prices. I sure as Hell wouldn’t make a game knowing only 500,000 people will enjoy its ‘hardcore’ sensibilities. Can’t have it both ways; you either have a thriving scene based on games that are designed to be friendly to most, or you have your hardcore game but with a smaller ‘underground’ scene.

Neither of which are particularly bad, but they *are *exclusive outcomes, which thecap alluded to.


dude if u think ssf4 is a difficult game then …you should probably try out a few more fighting games beside from ssf4 , im just saying this aint the only fighting game out there .

and in terms of balance yh you have a point , but you are more likely to win a tournament with guile than say …gen .

and try spending your time a little more constructively rather than desperately trying to disprove other ppl’s points .


He said SSF4 was harder than what people say (which is true), not objectively difficult.