Where would you be without SF?

this topic came up during a discussion with me and some friends.
hes semi oldskool (been around since beginning of marvel days).
we were all sitting around and the question came up, since he’d been playing so long, what he’d be doing if he wasnt playing street fighter.
i think his answer was “either drugs or collectable card games”.
it was kinda then we realized SF offered something really unique out of all other games.
its really one of those few games that allow you to focus your mind and brings out your best effort when you try to win.
i guess that can be said about alotta things.
but the main point is, we didnt have a clue what would be a reasonable replacement for the general fighting game scene.
you cant get it anywhere else it seems.
that weird mental high when you’re trying your hardest to out think another person in real time.
so the answer just came back to “street fighter, or drugs, or both”.

as for me, i’ve been playin SF since i was 5 years old.
i had cousins that played back in the champion edition era, and it rubbed off on me.
although because of my age i sucked, and i didnt get to play the game on the true level it was meant to be played on.
i didnt really start playing competively until about 2+ years ago.
looking back, i cant even think of myself as the same person before i played competively and after.
i dont exactly know what happened, but i feel like SF has just morphed my mind.
it was a life changing experience.

i have another friend that i know feels the same way about it.
he says SF has totally changed the way he saw the world and attacked problems in life through the lessons hes learned from playing.
and hes a self proclaimed player of every genre.
puzzle, adventure, fps, mmorp, rts, he played them all and tried to judge them objectively.
outta all that SF came out on top.

so as for me iono where i’d really be without SF.
i dont think i’d be the same person really.
i’d imagine i’d be alot more boring.
i think i probably would have ended up watching way too much anime like a former friend of mine. (watching way too much anime fucks up your head from what i can see of those idiots in anime forums, losing sense of reality)
i cant imagine at all what i’d be doing as a past time though.
maybe i was just meant to find it, hell i started my childhood out with it.
i actually feel A LOT OF PITY towards people that havnt found SF. (imagine those televangelists going to some third world country and looking at the barbarian natives and saying how shitty it is that they havnt found god, something like that)
like i felt lost before and now i have something. iono
actually i still feel mostly lost, but thats a different story.

i’d especially like to hear from old players, and even top players.
i think it’d be really cool to hear why you guys are still playing after so many years.
if my suspicions about these games being somewhat special can be validated by some others.

SF II was released during my second semester of college. Without it, i probably would have graduated and actually made something of myself. :smiley:

but what fun would that have been?

seriously, my grades would have improved instead of decline.


same here.

I’d be exactly where I am now, just wouldn’t have played SF.

I’d play RPGs instead of fighting games :\

Me too =/. Although I still play them, just not as much. Like you, I was introduced to Street Fighter 2 back when it was first coming out, I was too young to really play on any kind of level and I soon forgot it. Once Soul Calibur 2 emerged thats when we started picking FGs up more, SFAE is what sealed the deal and now we play just about everything.

In short, 90% of what my friends and I do is play FGs, without SF we’d probably wouldn’t be doing that. We wouldn’t go to tourneys or meet other people on these boards either.

co-sign. SF is just a hobby, for me it doesn’t carry as deep of a meaning. I’d be doing something else in the form of competition, either sports or something mental.

I’d spend my entire gaming life devoted to creating a Kirby’s Avalanche tourney scene. :rofl:

where would I be without streetfighter?

…a dumpster

People would probably be in the same place, except they wouldnt have street fighter to blame for their problems. And they wouldnt blame a hobby for taking up their time, where they could be doing other things, even though they have fun playing SF. Real shit.

i’d prolly be playing more of my GBA games
and stepping on snails

I wouldn’t have named my son Ryu!

I’d probably be fit, have more healthy hobbies, and focus more on music.

Well I would be playing all my SNK games like I’m doing now regardless…

I think Id probably be on a beach somewhere wearing a pimp hat.

alcoholic, stoner

If SF never came out, wouldn’t that also mean that virtually no other fighting games would exist either?

The only game I play competitively is Guilty Gear XX #Reload… but even without fighting games I’d probably be gaming anyway, seeing that I spend as much time playing RPG (especially SRPG).

I’m sure if SF never came out, someone else would have invented the genre.

But, uh…I’m in the same boat as this guy pretty much. I was gaming way before I ever got into fighting games and without them, i’d just be playing other games. I remember playing SF2 as a kid, I didn’t know it on the level I do now. Or any fighting game for that matter.