Where you live

Why can’t Tanaka, Riki, Bokkin and the east side people just get an apartment near dt or the hill so we can just level up…Whats the point living near timbuktu if you want to be great in Sf4?

I doubt theyd all enjoy living with eachother, SF isnt the only thing going on in their lives…

yeah it is

kool topic

  1. Commuting to school or work. Once you get your driver’s license you will understand what a pain it is to commute.

Dumb topic - it is what it is. There are other things besides street fighter.

So you can level up, you mean.

The east side is bellevue, kirkland, etc. We’re really more north.

Also, our best players don’t live downtown or on the hill. Hell I only know a few great players that are in Seattle, but maybe I’m forgetting people. Thefuture(?) and Nolan come to mind.

Get me a tight job and I’ll move to the hill. Easy. Otherwise why should we go through the hassle of moving, paying deposits, paying MORE rent, never having a place to park, and dealing with Seattle traffic every day of our lives just so gameworks scrubs can level up? :lovin:

Cuatro Deuce Nickel.

First of all, I dont need any of you guys to level up so f u. On the other hand, have you ever won a tourney…Nope shut the hell up. It would be a lot easier to get better if everyone lived near dt. Who the !@#$ is Mechanica anyway? Get some skillz before you start talkin big…Garbage ass mofo, I cant believe I even replied .


I love the English language!

Can we simply stop?

I’m going to just ask Mr. Wizard to ban my account because we have a fluctuation of hate as of late, maybe people just need to masturbate?

^hahahaha dude…First off…Elias…is the flyest…let no one doubt…he is apart of 2 people that gave me the revelation of what I know as combos…and is one of the few to influence me to where I am today…and at the same time he’s kinda beastly with 90% of the cast…have fun trying to beat him…

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind living with other people…but the situation I have going on right now…too nice…

Yeah with super coming out I’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time on this game…but at the same time it’s spring…which means between school/Lacrosse/paintball I’ll have alot on my plate as well…SF is fun…and is good competition…but nothing can be my only focus.

Also…easiest way to lvl up…training mode…that’s where I give credit…people here influence my growth but no-one here took the time to lvl me up…I lvl’d myself up…you can do the same.

edit…omg…is szeleale82…Samson…wow…lol


How’d you know?

206 is where it’s at. Nothing else matters.

What’s crackin’, Samson? Ready to play a smarter Sagat in Super?

hahaha…you don’t know my background…

People should have known this was Samson from his post in Emanuel’s thread

OH…I just did what I tried on that dude from the neogaf forums…

whos vagrant?