Where's 2nasty?


Anybody knows where 2nasty is now? Did he go play sf5? That guy was like the funniest person that ever touched 3s.
I still remember when I used to log on to GGPO and see him keep saying “Who wants to get good?”. I would ask "What do you mean?"
Turns out he’s just looking for games. It’s like him saying “Who wants to get beasted?”

In memory of 2nasty:


I wonder if he’s still on Third Strike HD… I still see tons of different people on PS3.


2Nasty actually commentating on his own matches.
“And that’s a wrap.”


once ggpo went down 4 plus years back I never came back on any 3S. I’m something like the candyman… say my name a few times and I’ll stop by to say hello or rip you a new one.
long live SRK.