Where's a good place to order a Seimitsu LS-32-01?


I cancelled my order at Lizard Lick because I realized they were backordered as hell. I was going to order everything at modchipman because I heard it was really quick, but apparently theyre out of this stick even though it says they’re in stock. So I think I’m gonna order the buttons from there (they’re much more crucial ATM than the stick) and order the stick somewhere else. But where?


Arcadeshop.de is where I ordered mine. 9 days from when I ordered to when it arrived in California from Germany.


Dammit, Im just now realizing modchipman doesnt have the BUTTONS in stock either



what buttons are you looking for?
as for the ls32-01, ponyboy sells them. He will get it to you alittle over a week. I buy 98% of my parts from him. Very good guy, just make sure you ask or send quotes to his email and not his thread.

If you do order a ls32 from him, can you please tell him I told you about him. I was just talking to him about ls32’s and he said he might stop carrying them due to lack of interest. He used to carry the solid black and solid white ps-14-gn buttons but discontinued them due to all the sanwa whores. j/k


Mk, well looking at http://gamingnow.net/Sanwa-Seimitsu-Parts.html it seems they have the stick and clear PS-14-KNs but not the blue PS-14-KNs or the blue bubbletop

so if you know where I could get those thatd be good -____-


http://www.akihabarashop.jp has everything and the cheapest prices but they have only been open on the weekends recently


ive never ordered from arcadeshop but they seem to have a good selection.

hope that helps


Lately it has been two weeks for akihabarashop.jp. They where open last weekend on Friday and closed sometime in the weekend.

Lizardlick doesn’t seem to be back ordered on LS-32-01 but they don’t know what they are out of stock of until they get to the orders, since they don’t seem to have a sophisticated inventory system linked to the orders.




man, forgot all about those guys. If they have everything in stock, they would be the best choice as of now.


Where are you located Special World? If you’re in Canada, I could sell you LS-32-01s cheap and fast


I’m in Pittsburgh

I dont really wanna order from Akihabara because ID imagine it’ll take ages to get here.


meh… shipping will screw us over.


Great, Paypal seems ot hate me now since I cancelled my one order.

I guess I’m pretty much screwed.