Where's Abel


Where is he


I hope they add him since he is clearly linked to Charlie and Urien, but first we need to discover the story of the game.


hes in sf4

please feel free to enjoy his excellently designed playstyle in that game


He’ll be back eventually


Fuck Abel.

Nah in all honesty I feel like Laura is the new Abel.


Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Street Fighter x Tekken


In Street Fighter IV


Transgendered as a worse version in Laura


He mysteriously disappeared after telling Cammy he’s a dog person.


He’s currently trying to find himself. He wants to put the past behind him and focus on building his future. I’m serious.

He is unlikely to join SF5.


He’s fuckin dead dead dead!


without Abel my life lacks meaning


He was linked to seth but Urien and charlie are the other one not shadalo I saw the cutscenes he is amnesia patient that balrog finds in rubble


He’s going to be the final boss this time.


Alright now


In Brazil chillin with Keoma


From the rules thread.