Where's all the players at?

Well, everybody doesn’t really matter to me, because there are still lots of challengers around the block.

I don’t go with “everybody”, I go with what I like.
That’s probably why I was so happy to see SOO many people playing cvs2, even though its this many years old

You probably also played my friend Mike, he was there that night. He was the S- Nako, Joe/Cammy, and R2 Athena player. He mentioned about you. :slight_smile: Its good to see NorCal still playing this game man.

Oh and…Tosses ALL DAY BABY. You gonna be there next Friday or Saturday?


PM Me your number…I’m down to play CvS2 with you and teach ya a few tricks I picked up over the years…KEEP BEASTING with ABEL in SF 4 !

Tomorrow night for sure!!!

And yeah I played against Mike!
I thought he was Dr.B because of S-Groove… and I asked him and he was like “hell no I’m not Dr.B”

But yeah I played him, hehe. It was a good match too.

Who’s going tomorrow night? ^^


Dr.B, I’m sorry I dont have a cell phone. ;o

Lol going MGL tomorrow with Mike and another friend. Also going to Fanime this weekend, hope to see some of you fools there :slight_smile:

Ah, I was planning to stay at FAnime on Friday, but usually there’s not much on Fridays so I’ll come to Goftland.

Lol that was…Wednesday when i said Tomorrow haha, i am going to be a Fanime today so…doh

Fun times at Fanime for CVS2! I hadn’t played since last year’s Fanime. If you don’t know me, I was running C-Yama/Sagat/Geese and C-Guile/Gief/Blanka

Well, back to my cave to play more Age of Conan =P

I saw Dr.B at fanime, i forgot if it was last year or the year before (a friend told me it was him so I knew) and lol god good shit with S-Groove Hibiki; literally no one could touch her. But so sad, rest of us didn’t really get a chance to play much though, haha.

Oh yeah and my friend told me that wasn’t his usual team too.

Really? Shiiiit…i missed out then lol, i was too busy with all the other shit…like SFIV lol.

Sorry i wasnt able to get a game with you Extravagant, theres just too much going on to stay at the machine for too long. Hopefully i can play you again at MGL sometime. :slight_smile:

That wasnt me…I havent been to FAnime yet…I think that was my home B Jizzzle or someone else.

It’s cool.
To be honest I hated the joysticks at FAnime!
It felt so different from the ones at MGL ;o

I went to MGL last Friday. To my surprise, there’s still a healthy CVS2 crowd! And some new faces. That’s cool. I’m glad there’s still time to enjoy my favorite game :lovin:

I’ve got a fresh perspective after taking a year-long break, so I’m hoping to improve a lil this time around! See ya there.

Hey Lionx, question, do people go to Sunnyvale Goftland on Fridays still? (CvS2 players, that is)

I think someone should hold console CvS2 somewhere so I can actually play instead of playing on shitty american p360 sticks.

I can arrange that, Mizuki. I have the game, the console, and an SF anniversary stick with 2 ps2 controllers along. Just not do it at my house, but I’m willing to bring it somewhere else.

Let’s do it!

Awesome, I can always bring my stick too. We just need to find a place to hold it now.

SVGL is like mostly BlazBlue players if i remember right. CvS2 is just on the offside…

This game is dead… like DEAD now… huh?
There’s no more hope for this game?


Lol i wouldn’t say totally dead. NorCal is definitely still hype imo. Though its hard to say that it will be as hot as it once was since so many new games are coming out.

Take heart, at least you are still up here where people are good at this game compared to most other areas(except Japan of course). I may PM you sometime when i am not so busy, i heard you have CvS2 stuff at your house?