Where's bison

A good sum of people would say bison is hella good in the sense of his v trigger and teleport dash that he has even without the v trigger. His crouch heavy punch is better and many other things such as that matter. Now I have been a bison player for a while and really I have to say bison is not as good. Even though i play him in five and have gotten into top 500 on rank I feel that every match up with him is bad. Why do i say this. Well in ultra he had ways to get out of the corner, even in the old games but in five he doesn’t even have that option at all. Also while other characters have universal anti airs he does not, now people will probably say will his crouch heavy punch but when you look at it that is just one anti air and probably the worst in the game. Every character in this game has more than one except for him. oh what about ex stomp. Sorry that is a nope do to priority. What I mean is Bison ex stomp for instance against lets say a regular shoryuken gets beaten out. I mean in ultra a well timed shoryuken would trade but in this game no trade. Also if you notice ever character has a property to beat out bison whether it be armor or invincible shoryuken bison has none of that. Also for everyone forget the teleport dash it is bad cause of the frame duration and highly telegraped. So here is what i believe what needs to be changed about bison.

  1. Get rid of teleport dash non v trigger. we don’t need it and its not worth being telegraphed.
  2. bring back old devils reverse. What i mean is keep it the same when it comes to buttons being pressed but bring back the devils reverse he had before in ultra and the rest of the street fighter games cause it gives him better options.
  3. Ex invincibility is a must cause if your gives other characters these types of characteristics then you must give him the same and not 1-4 frames i mean 1-7 or better cause you make people not want to play the character.
  4. universal anti air really this is a must also cause if you give one characters 2 or better anti airs then he also should be able to have that as well.
  5. No this is just something you might want to consider but give him an actual projectile if your not giving him psycho punisher as a thing beside critical art. i mean ya we have psycho blast but really it doesn’t go anywhere and it limits him giving him an actual projectile such as the one in alpha 3 or alpha in general gives him more options on how to get in especially when you get rid of teleport dash. It makes the character more fun. Also if its ex if should go the full screen all together not just to the proximity of where the character is.

Now all these things I feel doesn’t make the character overpowered at all cause if you really want him to be over powered i could have asked psycho axe to be an over head but the thing is i am not asking for that he just needs and doesn’t need. If any one wants to comment good ahead but this is how i feel about bison

You are in Bison heaven, why thou ask where Lord Bison is? (Summon @Daemos , the number one Bison henchman, guide this poor man please. )

Oh summoning Daemos didn’t work :frowning: Than summoning Bison scientists @“Kriger Stern” , @SUPARNOVAX and @Exceed^ , help this poor soul find his way.

Actually happy with current Bison.
Since I played mostly on the ground and defensive, I feel this is better Bison than AE.
Damage is improved (a lot) Normal are really long reach (more than AE to some character) and Ultra move that AA reliably.

I never use HS nor the DR. I get meter build by walk forward and block/footsie (DR give away too much ground and self walk into corner…)
Gimmicky special is not going to work against better player.

I rather improve his walk speed, and bring back his lower hurt box while walking (lol in AE all the time)
Bison is fine now and strongly feel it will get nerf somehow later in the game

AA wise I think is enough, remember we got parry so it serve the mid/close AA. Just saying you always got other options…
V trigger I suggest CvS2 Bison A-groove (yeah I am dreaming)

Finally F projectile, I play Bison because the way he was designed. If you want a have it all balanced character use Ryu.

  1. I be willing to try this change if they shorten the length of his dash by at least 6 frames.
  2. To be honest this version of devils reverse is much better than the version he has in in IV or the Alpha games. Compared to IV, this is safe on block and harder to low profile. ST Devil Reverse was the best, by far had the most utility.
    3 and 4, giving both of these options to Bison would make him overpowered, he would have virtually no weaknesses. Even given him of those options would probably make him too strong.
  3. Bison already has enough tools, he already has 6 special moves, a command normal and an air target combo. You could nearly consider EX.Blast a 7th special move as is. A character should not have everything, no matter how much fun it is.

Only things I would change for bison are

  • make the hurtboxes on his devil reverses/ Headstomps smaller (arguably quite stupid if you ask me)
  • slightly faster walkspeed
  • slightly faster sweep
  • reduced startup/recovery on psycho reflect + give it more utility

It’s quite pointless to make a thread complaining about his effectiveness while good players are performing well with him.
Maybe he’ll drop in tiers in the near or far future, but, for now, it makes no sense.

Looking at FR results so far, Bison is in the bottom half of the tier list.

Capcom needs to give Bison his Psycho Banish overhead and allow it to V-Trigger into Paint the Fence. If they do that then Bison would win every tournament.