Where's Keits?

Did Keits turn in the office keys for the main page? For months maybe the last year or two the news articles on the main page were all posted by Keits. Now there are several people who post articles on a more frequent basis, some misleading (EVO Monitors on sale on NewEgg) but mostly informative. Did real life catch up with Keits? Was there a need to keep up with EventHubs in terms of quantity of information on a more frequent basis? Was he promoted to editor-in-chief? He barely posts any articles anymore. Anybody from the Illuminati willing to provide info? Before any infractions come my way just remember the Illuminati exists or at least according to Sirlin in his playing to win book it does.

hes dead


Keits was tired of doing the front page. So, he decided to get new helpers. I feel like the front page is being spammed out with useless article if you ask me.

the illuminati is always watching…

I’m not really into all the editorials and opinions, but that’s just me, maybe. I used to enjoy SRK for being substantial and concise when compared to other sites, and I’m sad so see those days ending.

Yep. I don’t even go to the front page anymore unless there’s a stream I wish to know.

Keits went off to work on his promising dancing career (and fashion sense)
But he’ll always stay in our hearts… looks towards the sunset as credits start to roll

[LEFT]There IS a reason, for in Christmas Season,[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Santa Keits’ list of good children is stacked.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]He must ready his sleigh and feed reindeer hay,[/LEFT]
[LEFT]But the presents still need to be packed![/LEFT]
[LEFT]And so, you see, he’s much too busy,[/LEFT]
[LEFT]To make all the toys by himself…[/LEFT]
[LEFT]So for every toy for a girl or boy,[/LEFT]
[LEFT]He’s hired a toy-making elf![/LEFT]


You guys are too funny. Keits is now SRK’s Editor-in-chief and is managing and training the new writers. He’s still around but just busy doing more behind the scenes work. He’ll be back to writing more once the dust settles.