Where's Majestro's Guile thread?

Does anyone have the link or knows what happened to Majestro’s “GUILE VIDEO” thread? It had a lot of Guile’s specific matchup info that im looking for.

Match specific for what characters?

i remember he broke down matches against vega, yamazaki, terry, and a few others, i forget who.

my question is how does guile beat cammy? i run into that bitch all the time with my guile on point. spiral arrows under my RC booms or to get in all the time. i use crouching mp, but does guile have a standing move that he can use to punish non RC-spiral arrows?

plus backfist is worthless in that match ground vs ground most of the time.

so i’m guessing guile should just stick to his strong AA game, lay off back fist and sonic booms on the ground, and just walk around and crouching mk all day?

god i hate cammy:bluu:

Guile versus cammy

You pretty much got the basic idea against cammy. Don’t bother throwing RC sonic booms from mid screen because you will always get cannon drills under your projectile. Throw RC sonic booms when Cammy is up close and zone her out with c.mk’s, since a good cammy player knows not to cannon drill when pretty much right next to the opponent. As for stuffing the cannon drill c.mp works but its kind of slow to use on reaction. Neutral standing lk works, as well as croching Jab stuffs non rc cannon drills (you could use flashkicks as well but its kind of risky unless you really see it coming). Once you obtain a level three cammy wont be able to cannon drill unless she hits you from all the way across the screen or just with the tip of the drill, and at this distance you are safe to crouching jab her out of it while you are still charging. This will bring her closer to you where you can RC boom, and punish bad pokes with the sonic hurricane. Also c.Hp is a great anti air against a normal jumping cammy. Back mk is your friend in this fight (hop over cannon drills and punish) but use with descretion.