Wheres Max Anarchy Demo?


I created a japanese PSN account just so I could try out this game. I was able to find Max Anarchy section on the PS store but there’s only a video and some add on for 100 yen. Has the demo been taken down? WTF?


We have no idea if the game was taken down or not. You’re at a JP’s store. Not a NA’s store. You can create a EU’s account and see if it’s available on their end.


hmm I’ll try an EU account thanks. No one knows whats going on with Japanese PS store?


No. Unless you can read their japanese websites and what not.


Hmmm so apparently the demo was taken down from Japanese PS Store after Max Anarchy was released. Anyone here able to DL it before it was taken down? I really wanna try this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm maybe I should have posted this in General Discussion…