Wheres my long island people at?

So to the people of Long Island…or New York in general. Theres a place in Mineola called Game Table willing to host a SF4 tournament. I know nows a bad time with EVO a week away, but it seems like a pretty good idea for the future. Im not friends with anyone in the street fighter community around here, i just kinda got into everything. But if anyone lives around or on Long Island lemme know if you want any further detail about the place.

you should post in the tournaments and events section with all the info on the tournament and the location youll get a bigger response there

yes tell me more about this place

Woo I work in mineola, where’s this place at?

Dont know which way your coming from but heres the address (167 E Jericho Tpke)
In Mineola. Check it out its a pretty cool place and i think it would be big enough too if things are re-arranged.

so I just moved to Long island from florida and need to find some people to game with.
I googled the address its like 20 minutes north of where i live.
i have big crazy exams this month but if there is anything going on in august please post.


yea? what town do you live in, if you don’t mind me asking. i just got into the street fighter community and im not that great, but its always fun meeting people that are into the same thing. plus you never really hear much of long island players.

lol I work on Old country road right around the block. Keep everyone updated on if there are sessions/tourneys.

I live in baldwin/hempstead.
I guess the rep here is that north baldwin is more hood but where i live is pretty middle/upper class safe clean.
I’m new to the community too.
Playing SF4 and BB right now.

is the nathans on old country road near the costco/target?
are you guys near here? cuz I would def meet up.

if you guys wanna coordinate something let me know

Do they have a SF4 machine at this location in Mineola? I live like 5 minutes away and would def go there for some games.

I just called game table and spoke to David.
He said they are open till 9pm m-t. They are open till 1pm friday and saturday.
They do not have a SF standalone arcade. they have PS3’s and 360’s that we can use on the TV’s.

If anyone wants to meet up let me know when and which system. Tho I would guess 360 from the gamertags under the avatars here.

you can call me too; just email me (kifmzk@gmail.com) for my number.

sorry they are open till 11pm friday and saturday

I have been trying to get back into SF4 and start playing BB seriously and I was going to actually post a Long Island thread…was this thread focused on a place in Long Island to have a tourney or people looking to have sessions? because all the great players like Art, Jav1tz, Sanford etc. live in the city and being from Islip and working overnights its a pain in the ass trying to go to the city for sessions and was hoping to gather some players in LI to possibly have sessions and level up…and if the number of people that attend is small or the skill level of the players isnt so great hey we have to start somewhere right?

Hey Strikeshell,

I’m down for tourney or sessions. Honestly some sessions would do me good because i need to get better.

I’m not sure if there are any LAN centers or places where we can play near you. Rovezer0 pointed out a place in mineola which I think is 40 minutes away from islip.

anyway let me know if anyone wants to get together for some sessions online or in person next week.

I’m from Long Island as well, Huntington to be more exact so if anyone wants to add me to PSN / XBLA for some low latency fights I’d gladly accept. I’m also interested in meeting people nearby me for offline matches and training. Going to CTF regularly is way too difficult with my work schedule and classes.

For the people in LI island looking for tourneys check the Tourney thread there are a couple people running some good tournies…I recently went to the play n trade tourney in Smithtown which was good and there is one coming up at the play n trade in bayshore…

for any mvc2 interest, heres the thread. Some people play some of the street fighter games as well.