Where's Rival Schools 3


I want to know why capcom won’t bring back this gem of a game are they insane, they got to fight tooth and nails if the problem is licensing contract issues for this game, I mean if it was not popular when first introduced it has become a big hit and can become bigger. Bring this awesome fighting gem back cap.


Get in line behind the people that are waiting for a new Darkstalkers.


I was thinking about this the other day. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Along with alot of other games. The FG industry is booming so I’m sure they’ll want to cash in.


This and Red Earth have priority over Batsu Akira and friends. All are welcome in due time though :slight_smile:


It’s coming out right after Megaman Legends 3.


I would have been happy with 1-3 characters from Rival Schools be in UMvC3.


Really? I heard it was capcom’s next project after they get done with the sequel to Bionic Commando 09


they should have put akira in mvc3


No, they have to make Tech Romancer 2 first. Which is after Star Gladiator 3. In which you’re better of waiting for another jojo’s fighting game by Namco. After all that you’ll get Rival Schools where Capcom will embrace that all their games are in the same universe.


I dunno, maybe you should Ask Capcom.


since they made previously 2d games 3d (or 2.5d WHATEVER) , itd be hilariously ironic if they made rival school 2d with sprites XD


Has it? This is news to me.


I would’ve agreed with you, if only Niitsuma put Franziska von Karma in as a solo Ace Attorney rep.


the same place powerstone 3 is :frowning:


It’s stuck with Capcom vs SNK 3, Power Stone 3, Darkstalkers 4, Star Gladiator 3, Red Earth 2, Tech Romancer 2, Cyberbots 2 and probably some other titles I forgot.


right after Gotcha Force: Revenge of the Galactic emperor


I’d put A new rival schools before everything on this list. It seemed to be the most popular from my point of view. Darkstalkers wasn’t that popular outside of Japan. If a 4th came out it would be just like SF3 OE. People would play for a few days & give up assuming they didn’t dumb down the gameplay to the MvC3 level


Im a Big Rival Schools/Project Justice Fan.

But I believe Power Stone 3 is a much more important title they should be working on. ENDLESS amounts of fun with this game. Why didn’t it catch one?! Oh yea MvC CvS 3S were all released. I just want me some Power Stones.


Power Stones seemed to be uber popular. Surprised that series wasn’t continued above all else.


Wouldnt you prefer Gems? Almost the same. :wink: