Where's that thread about DIY Vewlix Hori VLX (lower half) cabinet?


I remember seeing (few weeks ago) about a DIY thread on how to make a a Vewlix-style cabinet (lower half w/no screen holder) that’s designed to specifically hold a Hori VLX. I’ve used the search feature as well as looked at the last 18-pages on here yet w/no luck…Anyone? Thx!


Because you looking wrong.
It was not a Thread for it about it.



I actually posted in that thread, haha! Thx, I needed that link b/c there’s a local guy that does Vewlix-style cabinets & I wanted to show him pics of that as well as the dimensions so I can possibly commission him to make one for me. Much appreciated!



It was a Post you wanted to find, not a Thread.

Not the guy in Fort Worth for commission is it?


Yes, the guy in Ft. Worth. Is he legit, are his products good? Do you live in the DFW area as well?


His stuff looks so good.
My guy jamesepoop is getting one from him.

jamesepoop and I don’t live in Texas.
We in California.


Ya, his stuff looks good! I just emailed him regarding pricing for the whole thang including paint (if he even does that). I know he charges ~$350 for the full Vewlix-style cabinet (minus electronics) so hopefully it’ll be much less than that. Is he on this forum?