Wheres the 5v solder point?!

So I bought myself one of those Madcatz Xbox360 wired editions from gamestop today to do a dual PCB in my Hrap2, and opened it up. I was very sure that the controller I bought was the same as the diagram on slagcoin.com

But its a BIT different… I don’t know where the 5v solder point is!

Here is a picture of mine:


The 5 voltage points are horizontal and to the left of the guide button, but on slagcoins it is vertical and to left of the analog stick.

I am assuming that the very first one that says “USB” under it is probably the right point. I just want to make sure that it is that one before I do any soldering.


Well its not on slagcoins site so I’ll be nice. :slight_smile: It’s the red wire in the USB cable.

I agree, the 5v point is directly above the word USB, the point that’s boxed off.

Incidentally… Toodles my good man, do you know if there is any point on these Madcatz boards that outputs 5v only when the controller is turned on?

The reason I ask is because if someone wanted to install LED’s in their controllers, the 360 is always supplying power on the USB plug and thus the lights would always be on if they were plugged in. Having the lights only turn on when the consoles/controller is on would be a better option.

From the controller’s point of view, if it’s plugged in, it’s on. That’s why you’re able to turn the 360 ‘on’ with the guide button. Even though the system is ‘off’, the USB is still powered and querying the pad for status updates, looking for the guide or start button to be pressed so that little subsystem knows to kick the rest of the system into full gear.

Other than maybe a little power light, why would you want to have a full set of LEDs always on when playing? If you were using a ‘light when pressed’ type setup with the hex inverters, the LEDs would only be on if the buttons were pressed.

It’s the USB point like everyone stated. Here’s a diagram I made for that pad.

I think I had a similar issue with slagcoin and that pad. The grounds weren’t matching up for me so I had to re-map it.

I think I’ll just send him a PM since everyone relies so heavily on his site (including myself).