Where's the best fighting game scene in the US?

As the topic states, where’s the best fighting game scene at in the US? By best, I mean biggest, most competitive scene. Sorry if this has been brought up before.

probably online. Arcades are non existant here in the Mid-west.

Family Fun Arcade - Grananda Hills, CA
China Town Fair - New York, NY
Some arcade in houston, TX
Wallcade - MA/RI/CT
Tokyo Game Action - MA
Oribt - Toronto

Nickle City - IL

Random people basements, dorm rooms, college rec centers - Chicago

forgot that one, i went there when i was in IL and it was fun.

too bad every time i go there it seems to be getting worse and worse x.x

Cali is big on Marvel,3rd Strike,and maybe Super Turbo>

East Coast:

New York,Virginia,Massachusetts seem to play a little of everything

Southern California has a handful of workable arcades, though rumours of each of them dying goes flying around everyday.

Family Fun Arcade -> probably the best overall, esp 3S
Regency Fun Center -> I think it’s great, just too far away for me
Arcade Infinity -> If you like a lot of imports, jap sticks, and chinese people
Interface Arcade ->also had some imports and is pretty nice, kind of up north tho
James Games -> Great for casual marvel and 3S
Cal Poly game room -> great except for parking
UCR game room? (or commons?) -> haven’t been here but I heard of it
San Diego Arcades -> I know there are a couple of them, but I’ve never been to them and I don’t know if they are any good
OC arcades -> Last time I checked they all kind of sucked unless camelot suddenly had it’s stuff fixed, but there are a couple of them here I guess

The Truth. Fun times at nickel City. Too bad they lost 75% of the space they had years ago.

Yeah, capcom should totally finance them again. Maybe if sengoku basara x does well we’ll see this.

…but that’s extremely hopeful thinking =\

I’m so hurt by this lol, Planet Zero, nice little place I’ve visited once. Gas is murder going there…

nice, but too $$$. $1 a game for 3s, super turbo and pretty much every game that doesn’t cost even more is bullshit.

True, but it’s not like I’m going to travel to other states for a few hours of gaming. You work with what you got man, even if it’s ridiculous.

I wish I coulda gone to PZ in Houston when I was there, but I found out how much it would cost in toll fees and gas alone, I said “Fuck that” and just played Xbox.

Come to Oregon, we have 1 arcade with a shit Marvel machine!

planet zeros craaaazy

im talking about the arcade itself tho not…you know… :7)

ctf is disgusting. i dont’ recommend, unless you want to play marvel. then you can play against the best mvc2 players on the east coast there.

ctf is .50 for most games… .25 for 3S / ST (which is cheaper than Port’s $1 to play marvel and $.75 to play SF3:NG. They don’t even have 3S.

and super turbo is broken

the 3S cabinets have the same sticks as the mvc2 cabs… the cvs2 cab has a shitty stick… the smell of the place sucks… it’s really dry and stale in the in the summer, and a bitch to move around thanks to jackets in the winter. there’s a lot of smelly ddr goths running around… There’s always the entrace where you have a bunch of old chinese guys playing gigawing and whatnot, because they fail at street fighter, making it a pain in the balls to get in… and last time i played tekken 5 there, the buttons were sticky… i don’t mean in the sense of sticking down, i mean… they were fucking sticky… like somebody spilled juice on them… and they were just as sticky the next day… so much for being remotely clean. it’s a shit hole in the middle of a wall in chinatown. avoid unless you want to play marvel, as i said before.

FFA close thread (hahahahahhahahahahah)

Damn thats ridiculous, all the games down at FFF(a local NC arcade) costs only a quarter(token).

As far as biggest scenes I think that should go to NY, CA, and TX.

20 cents or less for most 2d fighters at nickels (3s, mvc2, cvs2, GGXX/(i think not sure if they upgraded yet or not), Alpha2, and i think they still have HFSF2). some free ones (sf, sf2, sf2ce, samsho 4, sf3:2I, MK1, techromancer, sfa1) and 30 for T5. I think I maybe missing some and some of those might not be around anymore, havent been there in a while.

But there is a nominal door fee at Nickels, and the shape of the sticks is sorta questionable, right?