Wheres the best place to preorder ssf4?

i got it preordered at gamestop but all u get there is some thumb cover things.
i havent seen any info on what other stores have as preorder bonuses.
is everyone getting the stupid thumb covers?


I like to think that Street Fighter is above specific retailer preorder bonuses, hence the crappy thumb covers. But, I could be wrong.

I preordered from amazon because there is no tax, free shipping and it was only $35 instead of $40

i preordered it from gamestop to be assured it will definitely be there on the first day.

For SSFIV info, you really should check out the SSFIV section.

i used to work for a video game store so I know how the release dates work a little. There’s 2 ways they can release sf4. The first way, the business gets the copies the day or the day before the game is supposed to be release. The 2nd way, sometimes the games get delivered early. I remember gears of war 2 being in the store a week before it was actually supposed to be released.

If sf4 gets released the 2nd way, the best place to buy the game would be from a mom and pop shop video game place. They don’t care if they sell the game early from my experience where a place like gamestop WOULD not do anything like that. Not only that, you’re helping out a local business in this modern economy. Its a win win in my book.

you help a local busniness
get the game early
gamestop loses another dollar!