Where's the closed sfiv dash sticky gone?

i did a search and can’t find the thread, looks like it was deleted? Why?

Did Wiz ever send our suggestions to Capcom?

He made the last post saying something like "Thank you all, you have been very helpful."
So yeah, he probably did.

Threads here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=184074

I’d wanna know how far some of the suggestions went, also

I dunno, the problem with that thread is that over half the posts are by mediocre players who don’t know their own characters well enough to post well-balanced fixes for them. Harsh, but true. I said something needed to be done about Gief’s lariat at the time but now I realize I was full of shit.

I think all they need to do is change the 7-3 matches, make it so Guile gets a tool that works specificially against Sagat. Same for Honda and Gief. Etc etc

So true… most of the posts were simply ‘MY character sux make him/her better kthx bye!’.

Wiz wasn’t concerned with all that, he asked for the good stuff to be collated into one post, which i did, and there were also J.Chen’s posts which were real good for a lot of the characters.

The only bad thing is that the thread was created only 2-3 months after SF4 dropped, which might not have been enough time to fully explore some characters and their problem matchups(moreso for console characters). If list was made now I wonder how different it would be from the previous one…