Where's the hokuto no ken comp?

I recently moved to san jose and I’m looking for hokuto no ken, hnk, fist of the north star comp in the area. I’m willing to drive if its not too far. I went to SJSU where they have a fist machine but the machine kinda sucked and nobody played it. I’m gonna go to EVO to play fist in the bring your own stuff area but I wanna step up my game a little bit. So if anyone is down for some hnk, hit me up. I also play guilty gear but I haven’t really played much AC, just slash.

Im down to play casual at Evo World…Fear my Kenshiro and Raoh !!! I have a friend who plays Rey really good too…If ur down to play I have it import on my ps2.Im just super busy but i get small gaps on random weekends to play. Holla back.

    -D R B

Damn man, I saw your match against Daigo on evo 2k3. Mad props. Crazy, I use Raoh and Kenshiro and my friend I used to play with uses Rei. I’m usually not very busy, let me know when you’re free. I live close to the valley fair mall. I’m down to play in SJSU or another arcade that has it, or I can roll to your pad if its cool. Where are you at? You post on shoryuken a lot, are there really no other people that play fist?

SJSU no longer has HNK.

SVGL will be getting the game soon, from what I hear. Since it’s an Atomiswave game, I imagine it’ll replace their copy of KOF XI.