Where's the HSF:15 forum?


The games out…
It’s pretty fun and bonus points for that warm fuzzy nolstagia feeling you get playing it…
So where are the forums for it? :slight_smile:


I believe you’ve found it? :slight_smile:


Yep…this is it… So do you guys think that world warrior Guile and old Sagat are Tier? I think they are but I also think that Mustangs are Fast:lol:


WW Guile is hella good, O.Sagat still loses to 'Sim like always.


Does HF Balrog’s (boxer) turn punch go thu ST. O.Sagat’s low tiger like it does other fireballs? Ifso how does he do in this match overall?

How does HF Zangeif do against ST. O.Sagat? He has the low KKK lariat into SPD against Sagats extended limbs.


I would use ST Balrog he has a chance against O.Sagat and I dont know about that Zangief stuff against Sagat.


Just curious… what do you guys think is the best Sagat? The only Sagat I really play is N.Sagat. While I doubt he’s the best :slight_smile: how do the older versions stack up against ST’s dreaded O.Sagat?