Wheres the love for the papi's out there? Happy Fathers day!

Yea, happy fathers day to all the dads or soon to be dads out there on srk. I know there isnt that many of us but yea, this is our day. Now to go milk some of the father day sales out there before its too late.

I remembered to call my dad cuz of the tie theme on google today

i am a horrible son

I got mine a replacement power supply for his pc (his died Saturday morning) and a hip holster-style case for his cell phone.

happy pops day to all the great dads out there…to all the suck ass dads eat a dick

Yeah dad thanks for avoiding any contact I try to give you for the past 2 years, happy fathers day you drunk fuck.

Man, don’t you know if Pappy’s a drunk, in order to spend any time with him, you have to show up like on To Catch A Predator? You NEVER show up without teh Hard Lemonade.

I drink at all and he rages, fucking hypocrite =/

Ah, see that there? He loves you. He may not be able to show it like a regular dad, but it’s there in that very act. He can’t help what he is, but he doesn’t want you to end up like him.

Yeah, I know that’s what’s he’s trying to get across, and it’s a good message, considering I almost slipped last summer. Haven’t drank since last July though so it’s all good.

Props to the pops. :tup:


Well dad, thanks for ignoring me the past 14 years or so of my life. Hope you’re rotting in a ditch somewhere.

I can has dad?

I woke up to kids crying and a hot cup of coffee. Now my son is throwing a fit becuase I turned off yo- gabagaba so I could look at srk. My daughter is happy now, she’s being fed a bottle. At least its a nice day to get outside and wash the cars and do some yard work.

Happy Fathers Day!

Just got off the phone with my dad, said it made his fucking day that I called, made mine too. I fucking miss that guy terribly, even if we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. Guy’s still my dad and I love him. Supposed to be meeting with him in a few days to go out to eat or whatever, sit down and talk about everything that’s happened since I’ve seen him last. It’s a long ass drive to my place right now though and he had his dad over and some other family, was about to cook dinner for everyone. Can’t wait to see him again, it’s been far too fucking long.

I bought a chocolate bar for my “father”. He likes those.

My first fathers day, pretty weird feeling. Got me a nice new pair of boat shoes and panama hat that I have been needing.