Where's the Rage?


So I’m having a great time with my friends watching Evo stream (Spooky is the best). Our excitement started to fade as big name player after big name player started getting eliminated in Street Fighter 4. I was really hoping that this year would be the year US takes the title, after a nail biting narrow defeat last year (does Latif count as American? Close enough!) and US getting a lot more time and a more balanced version of AE to play with this year.

However what I had witnessed was a nightmare, big US names, people that we have been following through the whole Road to Evo, players that we had sworn would make it top 8 easily, all defeated. The only players we have left is PR Balrog and Dieminion, who have done amazing this year. Overall this is a huge upset, why isn’t anybody raging that we only have 2 US players in top 8?

Are we waiting until we’re completely eliminated on Sunday to pour on the salt? Has the US accepted that we’re just never going to win our own biggest SF4 tournament? Is this truly the land of the FREE?!? What’s going on people?


If you were actually at Evo…you’d see the rage.
I also believe that the Americans care more about UMVC3 these days.