Where's the UMVC3 combo thread?

Just wondering…

Specifically, I’m looking to see what people are using for meterless and single meter BNB’s.

Also, where can I get the low-down on dirt-nap setup technology?

PS: this chick is so addictive.

There isn’t one. All the UMVC3 combos are in the old combo thread, might be on the first page since we decided to just update the old thread to UMVC3 standards. Not sure though…

EDIT: I guess they’re not on the first page lol. I could make a new thread soon.

The best place to look for the UMvC3 specific stuff is in the UMvC3 changes thread.

For Dirt Nap setups, search the old combo/strategy thread, there’s some stuff in there.

The videos thread has some recent stuff in it too.