Which 1 tiny meter super is the best

a super art with 1 meter and small…

which 1 is the best ??

yang’s seiei enbu ?
yun’s GJ ?

chun’s sa1
ibuki’s yami shigure ?

ryu’s denjin ??

all right alex’s stun gun is just a piece of crap , you only do it if a shoto does a c.RH on you and you reverse it before it hits , which is only works rarely .

does a tiny meter really good ?? better than the longer 1 ?? because they charge faster ??

Yuns GJ is the best small metered super

After that its probably Aegis Reflector

After those I hope undisputed top two would be a cluster of them.

Kens SAIII most likely would be third
Necros SAIII or Makotos SAII would be fourth and fifth
Denjin would then in turn take sixth

Others aren’t that potent.

As far as the difference is concerned. Its largely on play style and character style. This can best be seen by Dudley. Tournament players use usually his uppercut one or his corkscrewblow. Similarly Yang players usually use SA2 for the EX.MantisSlashes.

Yagyou Dama is up there. I’d say it’s above Electric Snake and Denjin Hadouken, but below Abare Tosanami.

True. I forget about that one cause I’m a DC player.

yang’s seiei enbu ! using 3 seiei enbu in 1 round is possible … but mostly 2

genei-jin is no doubt the best. you get some meter back after a genei jin combo and after a little bit of pressuring, you have a full meter again. you can probably (should) activate genei-jin around 3-4 times per round.

i believe he’s asking about short meters that only have one “max” super stock. i.e. not like ken’s saiii that can stock up to three.

beyond yun’s GJ, there isn’t much. in the top half(tier wise) of the characters short single stock supers are basically just Seiei enbu (yang), makoto’s shitty SA3, maybe ryu’s denjin hadoken. and oro’s rocks thing i think, if you consider him top 10.

  1. Genei Jin
  2. Seiei Enbu
  3. Denjin Hadoken
  4. Oro’s Rocks (not sure if these are 1 bar max)
  5. Yagyou Dama (Ibuki SA3)
  6. Healing (Elena)

these are all i can think of/would ever consider using

Tengu Stone [Oro’s super] is 1 bar but its relatively long although he fills it quickly cause of his chicken kick combo.
Yagou Dama is Oro’s SA2 and it is multiple bars.
Ibuki SA1 is usually superior to her SA2 or SA3. Although SA3 can find perpuse in stunning… the fact is what’s Ibuki gonna do after stunning? A huge combo that does crap damage…
Elena’s Healing isn’t really short.

For one stock shorts I suppose it would be in order:
then much much lower would be:
ChunLi’s Kikou-Shou [SA1]
Yang’s Seiei-Enbu
and even lower would be:
Remy’s Blue Nocturne [SA3]

i would personally put Sei’ei Enbu higher than Kikosho because it enables Yang to pressure even more. crappy damage? for the supermultihit ones, yeah. but activating after a knockdown and then crossing up with a dive kick -> c. strong -> c. roundhouse -> repeat deals pretty good damage.

i’d put Blue Nocturne in the cellar.

ryu’z denjin…if u know how 2 use it properly…

necros magnetic storm has a fairly small meter and does alot of damage if u maximize the hits on it, plus its really easy to connect if used as anti air