Which 3DO has no burn protection?


I forget which version of 3DO had no burn protection. Also, does anybody know if the universal PCB will be compatible for both versions of the 3DO?


Here you go boss man:

Also, what the hell is worth pirating for the 3DO? I had one of these probably before you were born and don’t miss it at all.


eh…Shodown and SSFII were pretty good on that system. plus, there’s always Way of the Warrior!


Samurai Showdown was the shit on 3DO. My friend had that console when it was 700 bucks retail. I forget but there was another fighting game on there that we used to play as well… could’ve been a mortal kombat or something like that.

I think the 3DO controller was pretty good too. Can’t really remember though, shit was ages ago.


It was Way of the Warrior. The game was an MK ripoff and kind of a mess; but it WAS better than Kasumi Ninja on Jaguar!


I want ST with the arranged music, without the gayness of Anniversary Collection. also, are you implying that i’m younger than 16? wth?!?! I was like 1 when dad first got it when it came out, okA~!!!


ST on that system was horrible. Here’s a list of the problems with it

The most glaring problem with the 3D0 version is that the Old characters are completely missing. It also has lots of missing animation. For example, all of Zangief’s ducking punches are the same animation in the 3D0 version.
Other known differences :

  • All characters get CPS1 chains
  • Gouki/Akuma’s Red Fireball has lesser recovery and can throw another fireball again at the 2nd hit !


i had a 3D0 with 4 games:

Samurai Shodown (which i think was SUPERIOR to the Neo-Geo no blood edition)
SSF2T (which wasn’t bad at all, in fact, I think was the best versions available for the home consoles at the time)
Some fighting game with “nobutada” or whatever that was… MK rip off I think…
Need For Speed - back when it was still with Road and Track and you had that annoying guy at the end who keeps talking trash to you and called you a “Melvin”. lol… I don’t even think the PC edition had that annoying guy in it!


Aside from the messed up looping music, I think the Saturn version was pretty good. I think it was one of the games in Street Fighter Collection for the Saturn.


The Saturn version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo was fine but I always preferred the Dreamcast (Japanese) version. Much better load times, all animation intact without slowdowns, and higher quality sound.

(FYI, being a Saturn nut from old, I can tell you that Street Fighter II collection was the only Capcom Generations-type collection that made it to the US Saturn docket. You had to import the later Generations release that had the first three SFII games to play them. Those earlier games were released on the US PlayStation 1, though.)

It might have been one of the last Capcom releases on the Dreamcast and featured filtered sprites so it didn’t have that color dithering or warped graphics problem that earlier releases on the DC like Vampire Chronicles did.

It was a very solid port and frankly I don’t see a reason to seek out another home version. On top of superior graphics and sound porting, it had dip switches that you could toggle at the menu to switch between earlier releases of the (Japanese version of the) game and do various things like turning on English subtitles and an easy select for Akuma/Gouki!

I have a feeling that a lot of people have never played the Dreamcast version of SSF2T…

One thing I will say about all the versions of SSF2T I have played on console (the Sega ports and 3DO) – they all have the lousy control characteristics of the arcade version down pat! After going through progressively better control in the SF2 series I don’t know why SSF2T controls so poorly in comparison to Super Street Fighter II or Street Fighter II Turbo for that matter. Then again, SSF2T wasn’t that well-balanced to begin with, either!


This has been the standard for vanilla ST for a few years at Evo.


Yet at the time it was the best arcade conversion of any SF game. Sure you now compare it to PSX, Saturn, DC, PS2/Xbox AE, CPS2, supergun, arcade, GGPO and can see all the flaws. At the time though it was a huge leap in console ports comparing it to the SSF2 ports on both the SNES and Genesis, from animation to music. Add in an ok controller, headphone jack on the controller for full stereo music with an awesome arranged track and you can see why at the time people loved that port.

It also had at the time the best port of Samurai Showdown, again compared to SNES and Genesis inferior ports. It was made for the neogeo so it gets a pass on that.

Also had the best port of “The Horde”, far better than later Saturn and PSX ports. Total Eclipse, Shockwave 1 and 2, Return Fire, Road Rash, tons of free demo CDs with Gex and other cool titles. Local lan of 6 players at the same time for Fifa international soccer. Even a decent port of Myst, hell even “putt putt” was an enjoyable game.


No mention of Star Control II? Best game on the 3DO. 3DO also had those light gun games using live action. I have the Gunslinger collection along w/ 2guns. Acting is cheezy i love it. Also 3DO had those adult titles like Plumber Dont Where Ties.

Its a unique system & very underrated. That are some import games i never got a chance to really play. There was an import aninme fighter called Yu Yu Hakusho i wanted to play but was way to expensive to import. They wanted like $95 for it at the time haha. Im thinking of burning & trying it out looks so outdated now.


first of, emu’s > ports.

second, you can either change language to jpn nd get blood, OR you could go into options, exit options with all 4 buttons and you’ll have blood in any language setting.

then theres unibios.

superior to the ng, gtfo with your bs.

also 3do is shit, neo geo is hot shit.


Star Control, the Wing Commanders, Guardian Force or whatever it’s called, Gex, all good. I hear the Sailor Moon game is solid too.


Aw hell naw.

The only good Sailor Moon fighter is on the Super Famicom.

The two games that are worth the 3DO are Myst and D. Both are available through other means.


This thread

Were getting off topic here. If were not here to talk about the hardware of the system in some manner I think we need to take the nostalgia discussion to GENERAL DISCUSSION maybe the /v/ thread.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo/3DO was okay… Probably the best fighter by far that joke of a system ever had. The music might have been re-arranged a little but it was otherwise faithful and had the same control issues SSF2T has always had. Load times were bearable but you still had time to probably drink half a can of Pepsi or Coke…
The 3DO was probably at the very least the second or third worst console I’ve ever owned.
I owned maybe about half-dozen games for it; had the system and those games for roughly six months.

If you want to talk about bad controllers, they don’t get much worse than 3DO’s stock pads. That was one of the systems that created a mini-market for six-button pad controllers which Capcom happily filled with an overpriced 3DO version ($15-$20 more expensive!) of the Soldier Pad that it also produced for the Sega Genesis and Super NES (to play their SF II game ports).

Samurai Shodown/3DO was a brave porting effort by Crystal Dynamics but the 3DO just did not have the memory or disc speed to keep up. It was like fighting in a swimming pool of molasses. Just awfully slow at times as the CPU struggled to process the game. It just choked on the game without enough built-in system memory! It’s NOT good enough to just LOOK like an arcade game… it has to PLAY LIKE the arcade game at full speed! The first worthwhile console port of SS1, aside from the Neo Geo home console ports (cart version was best), was on the Samurai Shodown Collection for the PS2 many years later. IF you can’t afford the Neo Geo version – or don’t particularly care to buy the Neo Geo for just one game or game series–, the PS2 Samurai Collection or XBL/PSN versions of SS1 are the ones to get. Those are the best, most playable non-Neo Geo ports available.
The other SS1 ports are crap to be frank. The 16-bit non-Neo (SNES, Genesis) ports have too much editing and constraints (mainly) because of cart size limitations. Crystal Dynamics tried to do TOO straight a port without tailoring the game to the 3DO hardware… and the port effort paid for that with massive slowdown issues during gameplay and too many load windows. The PS1 ports of SS1 and SS2 in the Samurai Shodown Fencing Pack were just as bad from what I’ve heard.

Video-CD playback – once you bought the MPEG decoder card – was about all that system did well. It had awful controllers and most of the original titles aren’t worth talking about.
More porn and poorly duped MPEG’s of popular anime were probably played on that system than actual games!
It was, way more popular overseas than in the US from what I’ve read. I think I read at one point there were at least 3 times more systems sold in Japan than US… I can sort of believe that. This was still a point in time where a lot of gaming technology got adopted in Japan more quickly than the US.

Video-CD format was marketed in the States but was a sales failure. Video-CD format did fairly well in Asia and continued to exist into the DVD era.
The 3DO titles consist of a lot of very dated FMV crap that never played well… Those were a type of game I never cared for. Don’t miss that era! Very, very restricted gameplay in the likes of Rebel Assault, Demolition Man, and Starblade. They also brought back those laserdisc games, Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair! They played about as badly as they ever did… (Lovely animation, though!)
They could barely offload these consoles in the States and the 3DO was pretty much dead by Christmas 1995. That was a great first year for Saturn and PS1 titles (in the States) but very light on anything worthwhile for the 3DO. It had its window and completely blew it with overpriced, underpowered hardware, and mediocre third-party support at best.


In any case, if you wanted a console with VCD playback, you could always get the VCD enabled revision of the PS1.


A modded Xbox does CPS2 and Neogeo emulation pretty damn well and can play almost any video format. Just saying.