Which air dasher/anime game should I play?

After watching the new guilty gear trailer I’ve decided I want to prepare myself for that game and learn how to play anime/air dash games in general.

I wonder which game is more appropriate for me to pick up if I want to learn how to play this genre of fighters and which game has a more active online scene. I live in Europe and have no local scene so I would need a good netcode to be able to play as well. I have close to zero experience from anime fighters and have only played mvc3 relatively extensively.

If you wanna get into an anime fighter fast and easy, play BlazBlue. Great netcode, a lot of people play it, and its not that hard to get into…

But MY personal opinion is play Guilty Gear Accent Core +. Buy that shit on PSN/XBLA for like 15 bills. Greatest fucking fighter ever. Its fast paced, challenging to play/learn, and all the characters are great so you can learn anybody you’d like and whoop some tail.Thing is though is that the netcode is pretty ass right now and its kinda hard to get matches in…unless you go on Dustloop or something and request a match. The game is also really balanced. Probably the only fighter where I have been interested in EVERY character in the roster… If you’d like to a wake super anime type game and learn easy, get BlazBlue… but if you wanna play a REAL MANS GAME… get GG :]

I actually believe any version of GG is preferrable to BB. You can’t go wrong with either one though.

Also the Hokuto No Ken game by ArcSys is pretty damn good if you don’t mind it not being localized.

If you want to prep for Guilty Gear, why not play Guilty Gear? Or try playing both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue? Consider Persona 4 Arena as well? Guilty Gear Xrd won’t be coming for a long while, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide.

P4A is definitely the easiest of the three, and if you live in Europe, there are a lot more people playing it because it was just released there. I would recommend starting with that. By comparison, the online scene for BlazBlue is okay, and GG’s is virtually nonexistent since the netcode sucks and most people are playing other games, but it may revive soon when AC+R is released.

I agree that Guilty Gear is the most fun, but if you have nobody to play with, it might not feel that way.

Thanks for replying! I’ve decided to buy P4A and then get BBCP when that comes. I might also get GG although I won’t prioritise it if the netcode is bad. Thanks again!

I found the latest Melty Blood to be the most user friendly and fast paced of the anime based fighters.
Problem is online play can be a chore with CCCaster.

Guilty Gear pretty much taught me everything I needed to know about anime games and fighting games in general

Play Guilty Gear Accent Core +, real talk. And then play +R when that comes out.

SkullGirls is an airdasher with the best possible netcode (I’m in EU and play against NorCal with less noticeable lag than to other EU people in SF4), but I’m not sure how many similarities a teamfighter actually has to GG neutral. Pacewise, they’re supposed to be similar.

So if OP is wanting to play any anime airdasher to prepare for GGXrd, how’s that gonna work? Does blazblue translate that well to GG?

Pretty well. I guess I’d say it translates about as well as SFxT > SF4. BlazBlue has a slightly more linear set of options, and it’s a little slower, but the same foundation is there. Xrd is going to be a whole new game though, it’s already been stated that they want to make it more accessible to casual players. Who knows what that means.

The biggest thing about games like BB and GG is how dynamic the characters are. So while learning BB will certainly help with your fundamentals, it’s not going to teach you anything about matchups. Again though, the game is so far away that we really don’t know how much GGAC+ matchup knowledge will even be applicable, so I’d recommend just playing whichever game you can find opponents for.