Which Akuma players are going to Evo this year?

I am mostly interested in players from this forum, but would love to know about any notable pros that will be playing Akuma there.

I am planning on going if all goes well.

Have fun fighting a barrage of Rufus and Bison players. Well, Bison isn’t so bad at least.

Haven’t posted in any akuma threads but I’ll be there pretty much playing akuma exclusively.

I’ll be there.

I’m going. I’ll be there Wednesday it looks like, if anyone wants to drink with me…

If i had the money for the trip i would go even though i would prob get raped but mostly for the learning experience spring hill FL is boring no tourney here unless i go to Tampa :sad:

I should be there. Hope to buy tickets today.

Those match ups aren’t hard for Akuma

how much does it cost with room and tourney fee? I kno flight depends on when you book. I wanna try and make it. if not this year definitley next year.

I’ll be there Thursday-Monday.

It is $60 for to compete ($50 cover charge and $10 per event). The room depends on where you get a hotel. If you want to get one on the strip expect to pay big bucks for it.

Priceline it and bid starting low and go up in $10 increments. Last year my group was able to score two rooms at the Rio for ~$50/night.

Human Bomb from Sydney and Toxy from Melbourne are going to EVO. Bomb tends to hover between Chun Li and Ryu these days though still drives an exceptional Akuma. Toxy is an Akuma player outright in tournaments though can use most of the cast well.

I expect both to do well at EVO and we’re all eager to see how our best players compare with the USA and especially what they can bring back for us in terms of reporting on your playstyles over there.

Best of luck to you guys from the Akuma forums going!

Tokido is going. :D!!

I’m going also with Akuma. I hope I don’t get in a pool with any of the Japanese players. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, tokido is coming? what other japanese players are going to evo?

^ I think Momochi will be too, but I guess he’s been concentrating on Ibuki these days.

I’ll be there with Akuma, but based on my performance with him the past few weeks, he’ll probably take a backseat to Rose.

I think Daigo, Tokido, Eita, Momochi, Dashio, Epsilon J, Uryo, Kindevu, Gasshuku, Aru, MA@ERO, Kyabetsu.

I think that’s right. I think I heard Momochi can’t make it any more or something. And now I’m doubting myself over Tokido. I forgot my source so it might not be true. :[

Edit: Oh, so Tokido is a for-sure. :]]]] It was on the SRK homepage like a week ago or so.

Rufus and Bison not hard for Akuma lol.

Tell Ricky O. and Andy OCR I say hi.

I found I am not going to Evo as much as I hate to miss it. I crunched my finances since I can’t find a job and I found I can’t afford to go with the books I am going to have to buy this year. I hate how I am spending $2000 per semester for books.

Good luck to the guys who are going.

If I had I had to spend 2g’s in books this semester, I’d quit school. lol

No Momochi at EVO.
Momochi and Choco are going to Battle Medley Singapore on the same date.
I believe Tokido and Eita are going though.

Looking forward to seeing how Bomb and ToXY do at EVO.
And I wish you all luck, and sucks that you wont be going LoyalSol, was looking forward to seeing how you go.