Which akuma users to watch?

want to learn about akuma more, I was wondering if anyone knew any akuma players that i should watch in vids.

look for vids where “Match” (best japanese akuma) plays

thanks man

look for the sbo2 (camera recordings, not the dvd rip - should find them on the dcc goforbroke hub - search the forum for details)
There are 2 matches by match (no pun), and also 2 other very good players to look for (Ten’in Yukiotoko and Nomoto)

thanks, I managed to find the match vs. ko, and match vs. daigo, thanks again and sorry for the trouble.

im looking for them too… can somebody give me the links?

my internet connection is pretty limited… and i dunno why, this web seems to have a error… very few topic is present…

Yeah, high quality Akuma vids, of actual matches against other top talent, is damn naer impossible to come by. Nobody plays Akuma seriously, he just eats damage and gets stunned too easily. True, getting in on Akuma is tough, you’ll probably be pressing on the back button for half the match, but if you do manage to get a shot or two in, half of his stun meter is full.

Don’t get me wrong, I played Akuma seriously for awhile, but stopped. His offensive potential is great, but not worth the risk of getting 40-50% of my life eaten away by Chun’s SAII or 100% of life gone by Makoto’s Karakusa combo. And it happens more than people think. not every match, but enough to mention.

Anyone have the same feeling? I’m still on the borderline of switching over to Ken as my shoto, and Dudley andor Alex as my non-shoto.

Hello…Jr. Rodriguez. best in the west. no vids tho.

JR. is sick…

J.R. Rodriguez without a doubt, also try Hsien Chang.

JR and Hsien.

JR is impossible to find on video, and so is Hsien’s akuma since he uses ken now…I have one old video of hsien vs. daigo, but it’s when 3S was new and they both suck.

try on combovideos. theres an akuma called dot i think and the akuma is pretty good.

watch asaba vids, he is on the sbo prelim vids doing kara throws and kara raging demons like crazy.

Where’d you find these vids. Nothing makes me happier then to see kara demons thrown out in an important match.

match, asaba, and this guy danny leong i played last weekend. he is from socal, and he was like perfecting flash g’s chun in tourney.

there is 2 asaba vids @ combovideos.com from sbo qualifiers, but i also got 5 more vids from the goforbroke hub. you should check the asaba vs nishimoto (at combovideos), crazy stuff. for the other vids u could pm me and i could send them to ur mail.

JR is sick, I have old videos of him playing in EVO 2002 and one against Frankie3s. Also, try to find videos of Match and DOT.

How the shit do you kara a raging demon?

EDIT: Oh, his f+mp overhead?

evo 2k2 dvd has good jr match vids he loses but u can see how to control space like a certified bastard.