Which Amaterasu color is your favorite?

Mine is color 3 (brown)

Grey is definitely best :3


Grey, cause it matches with Sentinel and Dante. Also, I could use her default or the pink color to match with them as well.

I like OG Ammy (homage to Okami), then Red (for team Red w/Dante/Doom/Sent), then Grey. All the colors are cool actually.

Someone was saying there should be a Rush costume in UMVC3. That’d be dope/funny.

I accidentally selected grey on the poll but I actually meant to pick brown.

Canine warrior Chu is great.

Like Hiro always says whenever he sees Ammy play…

“That’s a WHITE dog.” (from the old 1980s film)

I usually pick gray because X-23 doesn’t wear white or red. 1/2 of her colors are rather boring, but then again… Ammy’s are, too (not fond of the brown/pink)

I’m rather curious what colors she’ll have in UMvC3

Brown looks good with my Red/Yellow Spidey and Brown GI Akuma

I like all but the brown, but its not cause the brown sucks but more cause its a pain to match up with most of the other character I play. Fingers crossed she gets a blue alt and maybe a gold alt as well in ultimate.

She needs either Oki colors/alternate, or a Shiranui alternate

She will most likely just get more colors based on the 8 canine warriors she battled in Okami, so blue and gold are likely out of the question.

I’m very interested in what she will get as an alternate. Shiranui seems unlikely because it is basically the same as Ammy already is, just with a little more oomph. Oki seems to be the most probable choice to me but of course they could go with something completely retarded or unrelated to Okami.

Default is her best, IMO… If my opponent picks her and uses the default, that’s the only time I’d pick the grey one… I’ll never use the one with a flower… If I’d be a jerk, I’d say it’s so gay… oops, I think I just did… :smiley:

Pink all the way for me!

A Shiranui alt would be absolutely godly.

OG Ammy. I get mad when someone blazes through the character screen faster than I do and steal her color. At that point, I reluctantly choose pink.

Shiranui would be godly but I really want an Oki alt. He’s only other character that looks fine with a sword strapped to his back. And dat midnight blue. <3

So yea we got a gold alt http://www.gamespot.com/special_feature/marvelcapcom-week3/image-feature/index.html?image=14 woulda prefered a blue one, but beggars cannot be choosers.

Shiba Inu Amaterasu is my new favorite color. It’s absolutely adorable.

I’m starting to believe that because of the colors we got, Oki is going to be her DLC costume. I can’t really think of what else they’d do for her.

I will now be less mad when someone picks OG Ammy because Shiba Inu Ammy is <3. If they give me Oki DLC, I will stab anyone in the eye that picks that alternate. IT’S ALL MINE

Shiba Inu Ammy is adorable!!

They better give her Oki.

Or if they want to go berserker on it, Ninetails :wink:

Grey is the best current color. I like the Lassie color in UMvC3 though