-= Which Anti-Air Do You Prefer Overall? =-

Well i was just curious on which of the 5 most popular antiair assist do you see yourself playing with as your last remaining character. Below are the following:

Captain Commando

Honestly i can see myself playing best with most likely Pyslocke but its my oppinion. She has got too much game and lots of opponents under estimate her when she’s alone. She’s got a great recovery for snapouts, she’s got a nice air game/reach and everything.

Tell me yours.

Why isn’t Ironman on that list?

I thought he was pretty strong. Plus his assist is damn good.

But uhh… I don’t play Marvel so, whatever.

Capcom or Blackheart.

EX Fukiage … GG NO RE

I picked all 5 because I could.

Cyke, good assist, good character

People still play BH?

And where’s Cammy :frowning: She gets my vote because people seem to get pissed hearing “Cannon SpAIKE!” 30 times a match.

-= --== …::// .~. * .~. Captain CORRIDOR .~. * .~. \::… ==-- =-

Quoted for emphasis.

Dr Doom got to love that CHIP. Not really much of a AA(in close) but it keeps away

None of the Above


Doom hands down. It’s about 10x more versatile than all the rest of them. THAT and Doom is 100x more versatile than all the rest of those characters.

I really abuse Chun-Li’s AA (tenenshokyuku) when I use her (its actually one of her strong points in the game). Cammy’s is good too!

Sorry i am well aware of other anti air assist such as ironman/warmachine, gief, rogue and ken, but i thought i would go with the most common ones i usually see top players use.

Your always welcomed to share other assist other then the ones on the list.

Wheres Jin too? Sorry but I like Jins AAA but I don’t use him in high level play. But out of your five I like Cyc.

None I use MSS…

That was the real answer to my question, fuck anti airs, fuck being snaped out for your least best character when you can be snapped out for a sentinel.

DOn’t get me wrong i am a serious msp fan, but when serious matches come you’ve gotta throw away those anti airs, and bring in a team with muscle. :tup:

shoryu cannon that shit down.

Cyke For Life

I thought the whole purpose of the AAA was to bring down the MSS competition. MSS are all very strong in the air and tend to superjump/fly for about 75% of the match. So what you do is you play MSx and use x’s AAA to level off the power of MSS.