Which anti virus should I buy question about winrar

One that doesnt slow my PC and messes it u, I mean is AVG the full version

and I need winrar so which version should I buy, I just need it for basic stuff

Get Avast! and 7zip.

Both are free and do what you want.

It says free trial for 60 days, so what happens after that

errrrr did you read carefully

Free registration

avast! antivirus Home Edition is FREE to use but it is necessary to register before the end of the initial 60 day trial period. Following the registration you will receive by e-mail a license key valid for a period of 1 year. After you have downloaded and installed the program, the license key must be inserted into it within 60 days. The registration process is very easy, and it will take you only a couple of minutes. Register here

Don’t buy.


Spybot Search and Destroy


And if those two can’t handle it, then get the free Avast.

But staying off porn and using Spybot works wonders for me, Spybot even gets spyware and stuff in your internet cache.

If you want a good free anti-virus you can get Antivir. It has the second highest detection rate following Kaspersky which you have to pay for. I’ve been using it for the past few years and I haven’t noticed any slowdown on my computer. Plus it scans quickly.

I have quite a bit of experience with antivirus since I work in a computer help position.

Do NOT get any Norton, McAfee or Symantec product. Honestly, I would rather take my chances with viruses than any of those. They tend to break your computer when uninstalled.

Avast and AVG tend to be fairly worthless, especially the free versions.

We give out Trend Micro here, but the office client. Its pretty good. Bare bones, easy to use and pretty efficient. A few gripes such as the proxy client that you need to turn off and false detections. I have yet to find a perfect antivirus, but TM is probably the best I’ve found.

For winrar and other such files, get 7zip of Jzip. I prefer Jzip, but 7zip is also very nice. Goodluck.

Mac OSX!

but seriously, Avast is great for a free PC antivirus program.

Nod32 for antivirus

This. Are you just unpacking archives? If so 7zip will handle anything WinRAR will.




and mac osx or linux =) +1

other alt is:

http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/download_firewall.html <-- free stuff as well…

i actully run all this stuff!

NOD32 is pretty much the best for paid antivirus.

If you want the best in a general sense and don’t mind paying it’s pretty much a tossup between Kaspersky and NOD32. As far as free goes there’s nothing inherently wrong with AVG but I’m partial to Avira. Many people also like Avast, but I don’t use it.

7zip is probably the best in terms of being completely free, but I have run into problems extracing large split-rars with it, so I also have winrar installed for thos situations (it’s a trial but you’ll basically never lose access to the features you need).

Not sure what I picked up on my computer, but it won’t allow me to dl any anti-virus software from the net so I pretty much have to buy a suite at the store. Tried using Window’s Defender since it kept telling me I have a trojan. That thing is a joke, though. It’s told me it removed it three times now and it hasn’t. Reading through this NOD32 and Trend Micro are more recommended? Using my roommate’s computer at the moment since I don’t want to connect with mine. :confused: If it matters I’ve got Vista32 running on a compaq laptop. If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d much appreciate it. Thanks.

I second this, NOD32 is great

Shoryuken, Best AntiVirus Website ever

+1 on that, I first heard about NOD32 when i started working for a small assembly firm in the bay area, they use to use NOD32 for AV. it was honestly the best AV I had seen. It ran with very little resources (at least i never noticed any slow down), it seemed to just be in the backgroud not hogging anything, the workers (who some arent all that bright) never got their PC’s infected either. before i transfered to a different university (and as a result stoped workign there) they changed to trend micro, and trust me its not that great, that thing took more resources than NOD32 and it didnt seem as effective from what i witnessed in the last few weeks.

I however dont use any AV as i reformat my PC’s real often, due to the fact that I randomly install apps and then stop using them so instead of uninstalling them or worring about spyware i just reformat, which is easier as all my documents are either on a slave drive, google docs, or skydrive.

if it came down to it, if you want quality and dont mind paying NOD32

get the newest Internet Suite Kapersky. It works really well and catches stuff some of my other AV didnt and doesnt bog down your computer much at all and it feature packed (not just anti virus but active internet, spyware, firewall etc).

I got my 1 year liscense/key off Ebay for 8 bucks. Just have to make sure though that the buyer is legit. Good buyers give a gurantee on the fact that the key has never been used before and will show you a method on Kapersky’s own website to check that it hasnt.

Thanks guys. I think I’m gonna go with the NOD32. I would reformat my laptop, but it’s a secondhand comp and the guy I bought it from didn’t have the discs for the os.

i use avg and spybot and don’t go to sketchy sites and my computer has been going smooth so far. trend micro also has a free one called housecall that you run from your browser.