WHich arcade does Daigo play at in Japan?

I was wondering which arcade does daigo play in Japan? i was guesing somwhere in shibuya, nakano, or shinjuku does anyone know where him or the other top players play?

Taito Station “Big Box” Takadanobaba.

Takadanobaba station. It’s on the Yamanote line, 2 stops from Shinjuku. There’s a gigantic box-shaped Department store labeled “Big Box”. He’ll be on the 6th floor.

thank you so much… because I finally met him here in Japan! I cant believe I found him… with your help of course… he was souless as I imagined but I could tell he was very nice and kind inside and I wish everyone here the best of Luck in Tougeki 09 and thanks to everyone here on the forums that always helped me out…

shinobaka, what arcades are you going there in japan, there are more top players in that arcade besides daigo? Im very interested because me and some friends are going there in a few days!

well I have been to big box of course and mi ka do. I made a really good friend here named Kenneth. Japanese know him as Ken its very sad that we dont know of his skill here in the states but its because he has lived in Japan for the past 2 years and he plays with the best such as mago oijisan boi, daigo, nuki, nemo, shiro over at big box… I also saw and talked with marn and he was also impressed with Kenneth’s skill… but Big box has been really busy ebcaus eof tougeki so itt’s really your best bet.

Are you talking about Ameriken, the Sagat player? That guy is crazy good. Says he’s brand new to fighting games too… guess that’s what happens when you play with the best for long enough.

How much are tix from the States to Japan usually??

I know his fan site in Japan.

and his team passed the THE SHIOZAWA CUP.

lol, it would depend which state you’re travelling from.

and how many years in advance you make reservations

Yea I am talking about Ameriken he told me he lost his card and he got a new one and he goes by U.S.D.A. now I have some videos of him playing and beating some top players like tokido, itabashi, and marn. He is amazing and I really wonder where he would place if he actually came home. I become good friends with him and he introduced me to all the top players like mago daigo nemo shiro tokido bonchan and so many more because they really respect him and his skill he actually keeps them on there toes… I really hope I can post the videos of AMeriken soon… and Beikoku Taichou… thanks for replying this post it was because of you I was able to finally meet Daigo and eventually become friends with Ameriken which then invited me to God’s garden and gave me the chance to meet most of Japan’s top players… thank you so much I truly mean it

I’ll be on holiday, staying in Kawasaki and checking out central Tokyo for a couple weeks in September.

Can SRK?? point me in the direction of the arcade / fighting-game meccas? Or maybe just recommend their local?

Is Daigo’s arcade worth visiting even if i’m not particularly looking to get beat by god-like players?

Shino, no problem.

Beartron, yes, it’s worth it to go watch the pros play.

What time is Daigo there? I was there last week and there was very few people playing.