Which are the new ultras that you fear most?

Check them here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8968D368C348CD87

Mine are:

  • All grabs (U1 T.Hawk, U2 E. Honda, U2 Zangief, U2 Balrog): it’s a nightmare for Sim, he cannot fight well at close distance, and these ultras will increase your anxiety…

  • “Reaction” ultras (U2 Fei Long, U2 Cammy): predictable s.HP now can be punished at distance.

  • “Air Diagonal” ultras (U2 Gen (Crane Style), U2 Viper): they can jump free and you cannot antiair them 'cause of these ultras with weird angle…

  • “Fast movement” ultras (U2 Abel): bye bye yoga sniper.

most worried about anti fireball ultras like kens new one, ibuki’s, and Makoto’s off the wall. Anything that can punish fireballs on reaction can change the match-up dynamics for Sim the most. Without yoga fires on screen its just that much harder with Sim.