Which are the RECOMMENDED DLC PACKS to buy for Street Fighter V AE Deluxe?

There is a sale right now for SF V AE Deluxe. This version comes with:

  • Every Character from S1 to S3
    My questions are:
  1. Which other DLC do you guys recommend to purchase for the game?
  2. What should be purchased with FM?

Fight Money is harder to get by recently, if you don’t want to spend more real money then you should focus exclusively on using FM to get the Season 4 characters, if you don’t mind buying them separately then you can use FM on pretty much anything except most costumes. Stages and Colors are the main uses of FM if you’re not worried about unlocking characters for free.

The season 4 characters currently available that aren’t included in the Deluxe edition are Kage, Honda, Poison and Lucia, the last three are available in the Summer Bundle while Kage is a standalone.

Are they officially Season 4? Because Capcom said they will release content up to 2020. Sooooooo…

Well, they’re basically splitting this Season in multiple parts: Kage, the Summer bundle, whatever the Winter bundle will be.

I think they’re still calling it “Season 4” officially, but it became kind of a mess.