Which are the top two fighting games right now?


We know that number 1 is SFV, which one is number two?


Top in terms of population or tournament exposure?

My guess as far as population it’s still SSFIV followed by V because of no xbone and the hefty pc requirements. FGC dabbles in everything imo, there is normally one or two primary games that are hot, at the moment SFV and probably KOF14 shortly then people have their side game.

It’s probably near a 20 way tie for second & third changing month to month.




I was surprise that in EVO after SFV, there was SSMU, SSMM, Pokken Tournament and THEN Guilty Gear Xrd.


Secret Meeting 2


#1 is Xrd Revelator, followed by Xrd SIGN.

UNIEL is also fun.


Karnov’s Revenge and Breakers Revenge.


Is a tie between Dong Dong Never Die and Death Cargo followed closely by Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire


Mario Kart and Pokemon Y


for the number one, I guess that’s between Buriki One, or One Piece Burning Blood

edit: forgot One Must Fall: 2097



Skullgirls 2: Deadly Airport


SFA3, Breakers Revenge, Karnovs Revenge, 3s, RBFFS, KOF 14


I still love watching KI, despite hardly ever playing it. Probably my 2nd most watched, wierdly. Think KOF XIV is locking down the 2 spot overall though.


Assuming this is about tourney scene, After SFV, it’s the nintendo stuff then GGXRD Revelator.




3s is the only game that matters, or will ever matter


Melee and Smesh4