Which Artwork should I go for?


I having a hard time choosing a theme for my arcade stick. So its between these 2. My friend are quite bias on the theme so I want you guys to vote on it.

K-on!'s Mio

Rosario + Vampire’s Moka


I’m not familiar with either of those anime but I’d definitely go with the “Rosario + Vampire’s Moka” one because the chick is hot and I wouldn’t feel like a pedo with it compared to the other template.


Thanks, It’s kinda good that you arent familiar with both of them since if gives me an unbias result.


I’m unfamiliar with both animes as well, but I far prefer the Mio one, because I’m in love with the colors. If you can print it well enough, it should stand out among many boring designs. Really recommend numero uno.


Heh, that top right button is sooo terribly placed on the first one. I’d still pick that over the Moka design, though.



I’m voting Rosario+Vampire.


I’m familiar with both anime cuz I WATCH DAT SHIT.

R&V anime is pure shit tho, but the stick art is definitely better. Way, way, way, way, way better.


for some reason, I really enjoy R+V, hence i did the stick art for it. Thanks for the comments guys.