Which background for my custom stick?

I have chosen my parts and all that and now I need help deciding on a background for the stick. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a Max Payne themed stick because well the graphics I’ve found for it are awesome. Recently I found a Mudvayne graphic that I also like and since I can’t decide I figured I’d make a poll.

Max Payne:



I’m going to remove the text on both images btw.

Thanks SRK!

I’d say the first one’s better, minus the company logos. You would do better to post this in the Image mishmash forum, I think, though.

I would have voted neither, but since you probably have your heart set on those I said Max Payne.

Mudvayne sucks way too much to be put on a stick :smiley:

Id go with more of a fighting game background. Unless your like me and goin for the comic book style.

I’d go with something else but of the two I’d go with Max Payne. Probably take out the 2, the register symbol, the slogan and the company logos.

eh. go for payne

get rid of the logos and game name though

Nah, I’m doing my stick entirely black and white. I was playing Max Payne when thought about Max Payne 2’s art and thought it’d look really cool on a stick.

first one seems…out of place…for a stick.

mudvayne cause

  1. everyone uses video games/anime for their pics

2)mudvayne is mostly black, it hides blemishes well

I said neither, but if you must choose one…go with Max Payne. Just make sure you dont put the buttons all up in them…it’d defeat the purpose to have them obscured by all your buttons.

black stick buttons for first, invert for second

id go with first if case is white

ALSO fact second one has logo in middle it will be cut off with buttons etc

Its all about the noir

Mudvayne. But not like it looks now. Just have the picture smaller and down the middle or somewhere it looks clean and stylish, with a black background.

didnt you have a misfits stick at Otakon, or did i mix you up with someone else O_O

I did but i ended up gettin a new case like right after otakon and i put artwork from the artist gallery on there of death note. Only did it cause i didnt have any other pics to use at the time. Besides, im gettin me comic artwork for my new case. The Flash FTW baby…