Which brands of TV have the best Picture Quality?

I’m been really wanting to get a new TV lately. One of the first brands I thought about was Vizio. They seem to have pretty affordable TV’s. At first, I was satisfied with the 37", but I’ve changed my mind and am thinking about this 42" http://www.vizio.com/led-lcd-hdtvs/e420vt.html

I would try to get a bigger one, but my room just aint big enuff. But for me, all I’m really concerned about in a TV is the picture quality. I want my games to visually amaze me anytime I play them. BTW, my family has a Sony Bravia in our living room, its about 32". I’ve played my 360 on it before. It certainly looked nice, but it doesn’t wow me. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sony TV’s though, so maybe its just the model. But either way, which Brands offer the best picture quality? I’m not at all interested in features like Wi-Fi, 3D, and all of that other stuff… I just wanna play my games, watch my TV, and thats really it.