Which button do you hold for Bull Horn?

Which button do you press/hold for Bull Horn?

I hold strong and strong + fierce for EX version

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How about you guys?

I think maybe I was mentioned by accident? I don’t play Birdie, sorry.

Fierce is the button of choice for me. unless i am playing zangief.

@Richard Honestly came to check this forum to ask the same question lol. I’ve been experimenting with different buttons lately and I would say it changes matchup to matchup. I usually like having all of my buttons for neutral rather than having bullhorn, but i feel like thats a problem with my gameplay tbh (should be able to play neutral and use bullhorn). It gives you better damage, better oki, and better v-trigger conversions so I think it’s totally worth doing. Ill give some thoughts on a button by button breakdown, though i think one thing I’ve found is that

Jab - hesitant use this just because its so good in neutral. If I’m holding a light button Ill usually hold this over short though just because you can still hit confirm into st.lk -> cr.mp -> horn.

Short - Never really use this button, better buttons to use and short is too important for hit confirms imo.

Strong + Forward - I play on stick and I never use these buttons just because its really awkward to hold either of these plays and play normally. Just awkward buttons to hold on stick while still playing neutral.

Fierce - initially this was my go to button but i dont think its quite as good anymore. Fierce is a really good button in neutral, you also have to give up slide (which i honestly dont think is super useful outside of niche situations, but still).

Roundhouse - lately this has been my go to bullhorn button. On stick its really easy to hit the rest of the buttons while holding roundhouse. While i think Birdie’s sweep is also really good it is a big commitment to just throw out, especially in some matchups so i think losing it in neutral is not that big of a deal. You can still reliably poke low with forward and you have the range with fierce. Also, when you hit someone with roundhouse even if you weren’t charging bullhorn before if you just keep holding roundhouse you have enough time to charge bullhorn and you can combo st.hk -> st.mp -> horn. All this being said i still think sweep is important to birdies game, and while ive been using this button a lot its definitely not all the time.

I’m always really surprised when I see pro birdies hitting bullhorn combos out of nowhere, would love to know what buttons players like mena and xyzzy are using.

Mena plays with pad so I suppose he uses binding buttons on the back