Which came first, Sanwa or Seimitsu?


Is there anywhere I can read up on the history of both companies? I’m just curious about how long they’ve been around etc. What sticks were they using back in the SF2 (WW, CE, HF) days?


I don’t know the answer to your question, but what I can say is that Seimitsu has been around for 20 years at least. The SF2 Capcom sticks for SNES used Seimitsu parts in it, as did many sticks in that era.


I don’t have a definitive answer either, but someone around these parts has scans of very old Sanwa catalogs. I want to say it was TRNG. It may have been jdm.


I’ve read that they use Seimitsu sticks for ST and 3S. But then I know new games like SF4 and Tekken 6 use Sanwas.

I think the Neo-Geo cabs use LS-40s.




Nifty. Now I’m kind of curious how much both companies have evolved because aside from discontinuing products it doesn’t seem like either companies product lines have changed much in the last 10-15 years.


i know seimitsu has rotatory joysticks (think of ikari warriors) so i think seimitsu is older :3


Sounds like a cool research paper.


Sanwa introduced the JLF only relatively recently I believe (at least compared to other sticks).



Wait… wrong question.


TRNG back in 05’. Per is one person with a boatload of experience with this stuff… or atleast he knows the people to ask if he didnt haha.



Looking at the catalogs 10-15 years was apparently poor speculation. Though it looks like the only major thing Seimitsu discontinued was the PS-14-GX buttons.


Anyone else thinking JDM would have been all over this?


It could be that they just can’t figure out how to make their sticks any different/better – or that it would cost too much to do so.


Which came first, Sanwa or Seimitsu?

Which ever is the one with a huge grin on their face and smoking a cigarette.


in a heartbeat… he would have answered all the posts we had combined in a well orginized pic show of image quotes and old posts from 05’…

prolly has some black and white pic of the worlds first fightstick that he had found in some asian burial mound next to the lost dragonball crystal everyone is always searching for.


You can give a more complete description of your needs, It is better for the answer.


Well according to Wikipedia, Sanwa was founded in 1982. So now, I wonder when Seimitsu was founded!!


Anyone knows the top Parent company for Seimitsu?

I assume it is Tokyo Seimitsu Co Ltd
But the more I search the more I see companies with Seimitsu as part of their names including, does Seimitsu translate to a meaningful word from Japanese to English?



Same Seimitsu company?