Which Capcom visual style do you prefer?

A lot of people have been voicing their opinions about how much they love and hate the visuals of various games of late most notably there are strong opinions on the presentation of the characters in Street Fighter 4. Even Capcom vs Tatsunoko is getting a lot of debate over it’s representation so far in it’s early development.

So I thought it may be of interest to see how peoples devotion lies with the in-game graphics of the different Street Fighter based series currently out there.

I have left out Street Fighter one and Street Fighter spin off games like Darkstalkers.

I don’t mean this to turn into a flame war thread either, I just thought it would be nice to have our vote.

I always liked the art styles of NG/2I and 3S. The first two games reminded me of a prettier, more fluid version of the Alpha games, and 3S felt dirtier but a bit more realistic and appealing in its own sense.

SF3 mos def. It’s a masterpiece visual wise.

Alpha Series. The backgrounds look very good and the characters have this cartoon style.

CvS series shouldn’t be lumped together with Alpha series, CvS had the best-looking rendition of Dictator in any SF game. Plus CvS 1 and 2 had some of the better art and special effects in any 2D game. Unfortunately the resolution and animation cut down that series’ potential a bit.

SFIII’s sprites, color depth and animation are amazing, but artwise everything else is kind of average (except for a few decent backgrounds).

SF3 > SF2 > SF4 > SFA

My opinion of course. The SF3 games are top as far as animation and style are concerned. But then going from that I love the somewhat more realistic approach SF2 has over all of the others (I would NOT want to stand next to that Sagat!). SF4 is really starting to look extremely good, and Alpha just doesn’t appeal to me as much visually.

Alpha 3 has a really good visual theme outside of the characters though. Its a mixed bag.

actually i like all styles for what they are but if i had to make a choice i would take SF3.

Without a doubt, SF3.

Its animation and artwork are absolutely the pinnacle of 2D gaming. I loved the BGs in NG/2i, but there r some pretty good 3S backgrounds too.

There was some good concept pencil sketches for SSF.

And the charcter select art for CVS2 was phenominal, especially the Capcom style pieces.

The SF4 3D models are looking better all the time, but the 2D character illustrations arent brilliant. The ink effect is nice, but the artist clearly isnt confident in rendering faces.

SF3 just came at a time when the group of 2D artists at Capcom were all reaching their peak, we will probably never see a 2D game of that visual excellence again.

SF3 for me…but I love how SF2 looks too. Alpha sprites were a little…overused.

The characters look mature. The animation is fluid and we don’t have to see annoying explotions of colors for all the screen

I voted for Alpha, but for because of Marvel & VS series.

But it was more for how well they did all the Marvel characters. Thats what really re-engergized my love for SF during the mid-late 90’s. SF2 was old, but wait? I can play as Wolverine or Venom or Iron Man? Holy shit! lol

Too bad MK got DC. I really wanted to see the DC universe through the eyes of Capcom, not Ed Boon’s shot at world domination through shitty 3-D fighters :rolleyes"

But I do love the Alpha series too.:):woot:

Street Fighter 4. A little more work on the faces and muscle proportions and it’ll be the best.

Why is CvS classified under Alpha?

The new sprites in that game (shotos, CvS2 Chun, Bison, Maki, Eagle, Yun, Kyosuke, SNK chars) are way different than the Alpha-era sprites.

Obviously SF3 wins for animation, coloring, and size, but I don’t like the proportions of a lot of the characters. Especially the women–Ibuki and Makoto’s feet are too big and 3S Chun is just…strange all around.

capcom vs snk art

Shinkiro and Kinu’s art in CVS2 was happiness incarnate, they should have been the art leads on HD remix, but that would be too good for life…

alpha + marvel series ftw

As a few have said, Alpha and CVS style sprites are drastically different. Not the same style. Separate that shit.

SF3 is one of my favorite pieces of animation ever.

That includes cartoons and movies.

It’s beautiful and unique. The colors and presentation of SF3:NG raise my mood instantaneously…let alone the actual character sprites which are ridiculous. So much detail per frame.

To this day, I cannot see how people didn’t give the game a chance on its visuals alone.

Damn looks like I should have separated CVS series and alpha. Sorry about that. It just seems because they reused so many alpha sprites that they should be compatible. As if CVS sprites were using the same ‘rules’ as the Alpha sprites did.

It was no way meant to belittle the importance of the CVS series in any way.

I like the TvC direction because it shows good potential. 2.5D is great, they can potentially: modify costumes, modify character sizes, do those crazy cutscenes like Naruto, and DBZ fighters, and it’s cheaper to develop from what I understand, so we might see more characters in one package.